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Do you find yourself sitting at your 9-to-5 job feeling like you'll be stuck to that desk forever? Some of the most successful people in the country didn't start out on a career path anywhere close to that which eventually made them happy, rich or both.
Ellen Degeneres was a paralegal and "oyster shucker." Before being named Showtime's Funniest Person in America in 1982, comedian and TV host Ellen Degeneres held these two much less glamorous jobs.
20th-century American poet Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997) is most known for his contributions to the Beat Generation.
We want to hear from our readers about what you or someone you know has accomplished after 50. The first 50 people to submit a story will be sent a free download of the Impowerage book, It’s Never Too Late to Be Fit . You may write your own personal story or someone else’s as long as you have their permission to write about them. The judges will be looking for well-written stories and inspiring accounts of people pursuing their dreams.
We suggest giving us a bit of background about your life before, what inspired you to pursue your dreams, the challenges you faced, and how accomplishing your goal has affected your life. Start today at any fitness level and learn how to improve your strength, flexibility and balance from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, the average American changes jobs 10 to 15 times between the ages of 18 and 46, according to the U.S.
The songwriter's singing may have made him famous, but his genius was by no means limited to just music. American beat poet Allen Ginsberg is best remembered for his bestselling poem, "Howl." But before he found success through writing, Ginsberg held a variety of odd jobs, working as a spot welder, night porter and cargo ship worker. After graduating with a law degree from the University of Pisa, Andrea Bocelli worked as a defense attorney until the age of 34, when he left his job to sing full time.
Before stepping into the boxing ring, actor Sylvester Stallone was earning $1.12 an hour at the Central Park Zoo, among some other not-so-glamorous jobs.
Before Whoopi's big break in 1985, Goldberg worked at a funeral parlor applying makeup to the deceased. But before he found success through writing, Ginsberg held a variety of jobs including a dishwasher, spot welder, night porter, and cargo ship worker. We know that life is far from over at 50 and it’s never too late to live the best years of your life.
Please send us your stories and you could be published in Impowerage and win the grand $500 cash prize. Chow from The Hangover, actor and comedian Ken Jeong first earned his MD from the University of North Carolina and began a physician practice.

For most of her life she worked on her farm in Virginia and practiced embroidery as a hobby. The 4 runners up will receive a $100 gift certificate and the grand prize winner will receive $500 cash (Canadian Funds). In 2007, after a string of stand-up jobs on the side, Jeong made his first feature film debut in Knocked Up as -- what else? Before this, he also dressed up as a giant chicken and stood outside of an "El Pollo Loco" restaurant waving to cars. When her arthritis made it too difficult to hold a needle, she picked up a paint brush instead. His most famous poem is "Howl," which became a bestseller and brought Ginsberg instant fame.
The grand prize winner will be determined by the article that receives the highest number of votes before April 23rd.

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