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A: I totally agree with the idea of potty training being a challenging milestone, however as a professional potty trainer I begin with the end in mind and look at it as a milestone versus challenge. If a parent tries to rush potty training, will that added stress slow down the process with the child? From your experience, what do parents get most frustrated by when attempting to potty train their child on their own? A: Attempting to potty train on your own as a parent is a beautiful thing, however it can get dirty pretty quickly if you try to follow books, or tips from friends, browsers, etc. Are incentives such as stickers or Hershey’s Kisses ultimately helpful or harmful in the long run? If we thought our child was ready for potty training and then realized she just isn’t getting it—is there any harm in calling it quits for a while and then resuming toilet training when she shows more readiness signs?
My child is 4 and is still having frequent peeing accidents—should I be concerned that there may be an underlying problem, or just be more patient? My husband gets so angry when my son has accidents in public, and he scolds our boy about them.
A: Fathers in general seem to take a lead approach in the family and find it very normal, however your child is training and so is dad. I was driving in an unfamiliar town when my 3-year-old told me he had to go poopy, but I was having trouble finding a place to take him.
A:We do offer EC or more widely known as Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training, and soon our classes will be available in every city. My friend has begun using the EC technique and has been hounding me to give it a try with my newborn, often making me feel guilty. What are your general thoughts about parents who are taking an EC approach with their babies and allowing them to sit bare-bottomed out in a public restaurant?
Do you encourage parents to carry a small portable potty with them so their child can go at any time? Any other comments on the phenomenon of potty training becoming too “public” these days? A: Our number one clientele tends to be children with special needs, however all clients display an equal desire to share the value and importance of using our approach to potty training with friends. What advice do you have particularly for parents of children on the autism spectrum for toilet training a 5- or 6-year-old?
Having decided to start training for the first time or for the second of third time, go into it the same.
Keep in mind that toilet training is a mutual task, cooperation, an open understanding between child and the parent, and the go to potty training techniques show a great deal of consistency and positive reinforcement over punishment, making it a fun experience for the child. Night time potty training is very similar to bed wetting, and it can be confusing what the difference is.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s common for a child to wet his bed two to three times a week in the early stages of potty training.
Finding Potty training control is not simply a learned skill, but rather a physiological development and the control is involuntary.
Pick a week that you can devote full-time to potty training, Don’t start training during time of stress, like around a big move, or another big change in your life. Changing their potty chair to different rooms: Keep their chair in one area for the process. Potty training your twins really comes in two phases: teaching the skills and daily practice. Potty Training Day needs to be a day when you are free from distractions and other obligations. As I’ve mentioned before, the book Toilet Training in Less Than A Day has fabulous step-by-step instructions on how to train your child. After the doll exercise, you will need to have your child drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Accidents are followed up with practice drills reinforcing how to run to the potty, getting on the potty, and then repeating the process. After the mechanics of potty use are mastered, you will need to constantly praise and reinforce your twins during the subsequent weeks and months. However, as the diaper-laden girl saw all the attention and praise her sister was getting, she quickly wanted to train, too.

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Thus this site is to help you learn from my experiences so you can be the best twin dad you can be. Please note that I am not a doctor, lawyer, or accountant so take my advice with a grain of salt and always consult a qualified professional. Everything on this page is provided as general information and doesn’t imply specific medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Links to 3rd party products and services may be affiliate links where I receive a commission if you buy (at no cost to you). A parent may look at it the same way in most cases, however I need to also acknowledge the emotional attachment a parent has towards the child and familiarity sometime can definitely create a bit of trouble for most. What does your boot camp entail—and are the kids potty trained at the end of the boot camp session (5 days)? We tried putting underpants under his pull-ups so he would feel the wetness, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, and he laughs. What is the best way for parents to deal with too-frequent mishaps, and is scolding ever a good option?
I suggest you approach your husband at a time when he is calm, in a good mood and explain to him the training factor (time), and how children develop over a long period of time. Today’s market offers us a number of solutions and if you like the eco approach I suggest eco-friendly bags that you can use to cover a potty chair in your car. Like many parents, I have my doubts about this—how is it really possible for a baby as young as a couple of months old to understand cues from a parent? Doubting is totally understandable, and I believe it is most likely because we are trained to believe that if we communicate most of the times using words to express our needs, feelings and desires everyone else needs to do the same in order to get along or meet their needs. A: In our experience and research for over 16 years with different groups of parents we came to believe that only a group of parents may benefit from this approach. If your child doesn’t seem like he is ready there is nothing wrong with postponing the process. Keep in mind that every child is different and it may actually take longer for boys to complete the process due to some factors. However, it’s totally normal and ok to start a little boy sitting down, actually may even be a little easier.
Also allowing him to go in the bathroom with his dad make him curious and want to try standing up.
Potty training can be very tough and is such a big transition that having a little bit of a fear can be a natural thing. Nights will be the hardest part of potty training and it will take a lot more time for them to get down the feeling of urges and the getting up to go. If you can manage it, Ive found that during the summer when it will be warmer and more comfortable for your toddler to run about with little to no clothing on.
Having them drink will allow them to feel the urge and will start to get used to the feeling.
Buying them something that is theirs and that they can adapt to will allow them to feel more in control of the process.
Having them pick it out will allow them to get excited about wearing them and make them again feel in control.
Something said about having positive encouragement that will do wonders on the outcome of lives challenges.
Once they have a couple accidents more than likely they will not like it and it will allow them to want to go on their own.
Even though one of you will do the official training, the other spouse will need to support the trainer and reinforce the right behaviors for the trainees as well. They won’t know how to pull down their pants, sit on the toilet, use the toilet paper, pull their pants up, and wash their hands unless you show them.
You need to dedicate all your attention to the process and focus 100% on your child on this day. The book’s method uses positive reinforcement so it rewards the child when she has dry pants.

Over time they will become more self sufficient but be sure to stick around and support them until they can go unprompted and unassisted. One advantage of twins is that once you get one doing what you like, you can leverage that peer pressure to influence the other.
This book will help you know what to expect and specifically how to prepare for their arrival. Brain development continues until 25 years old (most researchers suggest 21), however children do what they see and learn from their most influential person in their lives and if scolding continues I believe your child may associate accidents, potty, and other activities he does not excel at in the moment with a negative experience, therefore contributing to a low self esteem which in return can lead to other problems in his development.
However, we do recommend it to any new parent since there are different levels you can start at when it comes to EC, more widely known as Elimination Communication, or Infant Potty Training. I also believe that every single individual including our infants are unique and have different needs. Us as parents tend to think that we have to follow everyone else’s lead and do what others do because it worked for them.
Better to postpone then to start to early and only add stress and pressure on your child to learn. For a girl you teach them to sit on the potty always and they miss the second complicated step simply because of genetics.
Using the sitting down method in the beginning will allow him to get used to just using the potty in general. Give it time though doesn’t have to happen overnight or right as you first start the potty training process.
Always allow your child to be the one to do it for himself of course after you have shown him the ropes. At night your child is asleep and is more likely to having accidents and also not aware of his urges to have to go to the bathroom.
Children’s bodies are typically growing at such a fast rate it can be hard for their bladders to keep up. You will find that you and your spouse will miss out on sleep and that the nights will be really long.
You setting an example of encouragement and enthusiasm will always allow them to be proud of themselves through the process. My wife and I took turns with each of our boys (singletons) and we decided that she would potty train our twins. These very tactical skills are essential to potty training and too often parents assume that kids just know how to do it. When dealing with frequent accidents I suggest stay close to home for a period of time, get involved in your child’s daily life as much as possible and offer your child room to be a leader. The one to meet 99% of these needs is you, the parent, and if you are not secure enough, daring enough, or plain ready, I believe you are exactly where you need to be. Some children will show interest as early as 2 and others may show more interest closer to 3. Keep in mind, “Less time avoiding punishing when accidents happen and more time praising when your child wakes up dry. It can be a lengthy process, however the insight and savings make it worth it many times over.
Not every child will start crawling at the same time, start walking at the same time and it even goes for potty training, we all think that’s it’s in how old your child is. You do that, and you will spend more time focused on them having no accidents than them having them.
Potty training, parenting, and family are an intimate affair and you are the one in charge of that. They look up to us and if they see us doing it and having fun with it, they will want to do the same.
Kind of like when you brought home the little love, staying awake most of the night and also endless mornings still awake and watching the sun come up.

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