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Toilet training requires a lot of patience, a lot of time, a lot of trips to the restroom and a lot of expected messes. The TLC series, "The Little Couple" may have to change its name, thanks to a new cast member. The series focuses on the lives Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, a married couple who both have dwarfism. Klein and Arnold adopted Will from China earlier this year and brought him home to Houston, Texas. Sorry, but it's true.I can't really explain why, but from my 18 years of experience potty training, it seems like the boys are harder than the girls.
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In the first episode of the new season, which begins on August 13, we see how the "Little Couple" has adapted to being a trio. This season, the couple will be seen going to India to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey, make the family a little quartet.
Each individual child is different and each child will be ready in their own time.At what time a child is ready to train can be determined more by their personality rather than age in years.
Ia€™m sharing helpful tips and strategies to make those training days just a little bit shorter. Some providers like to train two or three kids at the same time, but I like to train one at a time just because of the amount of time it takes away from other things that need to get done while running a daycare. The first is because they are messier in the toilet and the reason is pretty self explanatory.

And you need to know the signs to watch for that would indicate the "right time" for your child to start training. Boys like to go in a corner or behind a chair and hide while they are doing their job.For help potty training your little boy, take a look at the advice I gave to a visitor during a question and answer session.

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