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This is supposed to be Shirley's day to pamper herself, yet I have her up at the crack of dawn working on her skills.
So, no spa day TS4 style, but her rabbit hole activity will allow me to take care of some much needed business. Pause for a moment of simmer confusion as Shirley walks out of the hospital with a picnic basket instead of a baby.
It's been a long time since the challenge, but I now remember Shirley and a couple of other girls getting a fertility reward. The way the game limits access to certain traits at the early stages is messing with my plans, but I push on anyway.

It should be interesting how this plays out with the first born, last born, and middle child. Right now, I'm not sure who was the middle child and who was the last born--Caira, or Cora? So, I would probably have to have Xara start it, have Shirley and Cairo join her, and then have Xara leave. It's not that late, but is seems like a good opportunity to turn in while the babies are satisfied. Agreed on the last sentence (also because I'm always curious what they will look like btw).

She wanted to go for a jog, so she's working some of that energy off with some very early morning exercise. Moving on, I discover it's a boy, and panic because I haven't even thought up a name for the child yet.

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When should a child be potty train


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