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Welcome to a place where I'll be sharing mommy experiences, encouragement, and inspiration, as well as my love for fashion, beauty, DIY projects, and anything that creates a sparkle. Michelle Maffei is a freelance copywriter covering a variety of topics both online and in print, from parenting to beauty and more. Whether your potty-training toddler has wet the bed or your grade-schooler is struggling with nighttime accidents, don't let common misconceptions about "nocturnal enuresis" keep your youngster from getting a good night's sleep. Truth: Even though your youngster may be the king of the porcelain throne when the sun's up, this does not mean he is exempt from bed wetting.
Fact: You may worry that using a diaper or absorbent pants at night may encourage bed wetting, but in fact, it doesn't make a difference.
Truth: Don't let your own frustrations as a parent translate into finger pointing at your child when he has wet the bed. Regardless of the myths and facts about bed wetting, in the end, "the key is to help your child feel in control of the situation at that time," advises Dr. This is a sponsored post about our potty training tips written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.
Once we reach the milestone and have day time potty training conquered, then we must face the beast of tackling night time potty training! I recently tried out the Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers and found them to be super absorbent!  After nearly three weeks of use we did not have one leak at night!  They are specially formatted for overnight and long-trip protection.
Night time protection for babies is an important consideration for parents as their little one grows.
Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers are super absorbent for overnight and long-trip protection. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.
I think that is something we learn on our on because with each child it will be so different!
We are still a bit off from this stage I think however I just had a friend asking me for some ideas on this! With my son, when he was about 18 months he started showing an interest and we worked on it, he did awesome.
I was so lucky with my first daughter she potty trained herself by watching me go potty and she only had a couple of accidents at night and has been doing good ever since!
Nighttime training is so hard because there are so many reasons why accidents at night happen.
I actually started potty training my son when he was 18 months and he was doing SO WELL for 2 months!

It’s been a long time since mine was that age but I remember the potty training stage so well and these are great tips! Im hoping to tackle night time training with Quincy, the challenge is there is no bathroom upstairs where their rooms are, so we need to help them get downstairs!
One of the best things about potty training twins and two at once is that there's a little competition between them - so once you have one trained - generally - the other won't be too far behind. OK - to do any job you'll need to have the proper tools and potty training twins is no exception. Having already potty trained two children prior to potty training twins, and working in the child care field years ago - what I've learned about Pull Ups is that they are essentially diapers that you pay more for and get less of. They are now capable of staying dry for a few hours at a time this means they are starting to develop bladder control especially if you notice them waking up dry from a nap. Essentially the reward factor - you'll need something for your potty training twins system. Regression is going to happen- Sophia regressed for a few days after she started going back to daycare. Double sheet your child's mattress- Put a waterproof mattress protector under the fitted sheet.. Before another evening passes, sort out the myths and facts about bed wetting, from falsehoods about potty training to confusion about how to handle your kiddo wetting the bed. Bed wetting is commonly an embarrassing situation, and your youngster is not purposely soiling his sheets at night. Give positive reinforcement whenever possible.  Reward them for their successes and do not focus on the set backs. Ordinary diapers may not have enough absorbent capacity to handle multiple voids over long periods of time with older babies. I think Wait Until Your Child is Ready is crucial, my mother and mother in law have really been quizzing me lately and I keep trying to tell them our little isn’t ready! I have used cloth diapers with all three of mine but had to use disposables for nighttime with each of them, due to heavy wetting. Only your twin toddlers really know for sure - as much as we as parents like to make this decision for them! We have boy-girl twins here and really - there was about a week's difference in the two of them so don't let sterotypes about who's easier stop you from trying !
While having twins does not necessarily mean you need two of everything - this is one of those cases where you do need two - potties that is. They are TOO absorbent so when your little one is trying to learn and has an accident - they barely feel it and just go on as if nothing happened.

All of a sudden they do NOT like their wet or dirty diapers This is a good thing although having your toddler pull off a soiled diaper in their crib or the middle of the dining room can be pretty gross especially when they get it on their hands and then have to wipe their hands on things to get it off . But, there is no research that supports that illusion," informs Aubrey Yuzva, Brand Manager for GoodNites. Use an absorbent nighttime product such as GoodNites' new Bed Mats, which can absorb as much fluid as a L-XL pair of GoodNites Underwear and make cleanup after wetting the bed easy enough that your kiddo can help without much fuss. The soft inner liner is hypoallergenic and treated with vitamin E and aloe for skin protection. When wet mornings become the norm, parents start looking for more protection to guard against overnight leaks. I got so frustrated with my son because I tried to make him train when he wasn’t ready.
I am definitely going to keep this on hand just in case we need something when the time is right for her! I had a kindergartner during student teaching who was having issues with accidents and her father (apparently) said some negative things to her about it. I would really love to try these nighttime diapers and see how they compare to the ones we are using now. I can't tell you how great it was to a) not have to change dirty diapers anymore and b) the reduction in garbage coming from our home ! Or - in the case of the ones that have the disappearing pictures or the 'cool feel' - boys in particular seem to pee in them - simply to get a reaction - picture disappears - mission accomplished! They start to show an interest when you or dad or an older sibling is using the bathroom being curious is a good sign and children learn a lot by watching so try not to mind the audience. They are starting to want to 'help' dress themselves taking off their diaper or trying to pull on or off their pants - means they're learning. Anyway, later I thought real hard and remembered, swearing on one of those last diapers before vowing time to potty train, "Wow, you got Man Poop!" as in, (to me) you poop like a man! They have some way of communicating with you about being wet or dirty and can follow simple directions from you - It's time to start trying! The less stressed the parents are, the less stressful an experience it will be for the twins. Just encourage them to keep trying- once they actually GO on the potty - it's like a lightbulb goes off and now they get it - they understand - and it just picks up from there.

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