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Reality TV has the reputation of dehumanizing people, but my brief experience on it was to the contrary.
Considering the context of a person you are sharing a situation with is a doorway to compassion. Of course, human error that results in a failure to achieve the pageant-queen ideal is actually what makes these pageants interesting and hilarious. I hadn't really considered the bigger picture -- the lead-up to the pageant as experienced by each of the three Toddlers subjects I judged (and, for that matter, any of the rest of the 60 odd kids I had to critique) – so seeing it was conscious-expanding on an exponential level. My association with it was privileged in that my life was not invaded by cameras (if anything, I was the invader in this alien world). If anything, the show gave me a nice edit – a few of my on-camera evaluations that didn't make it to air would have sounded unbelievably harsh in the necessarily out-of-context medium of reality TV sound bites.
From the little that I saw, I got the sense that Toddlers was a legit production – I wasn't led or asked to say anything, merely interviewed and allowed to answer honestly. Mia on the show was infinitely more endearing than she was onstage (which is not to say that I had any negative opinions about this lovely child). Rich, no matter what happens to you in your life career-wise, please keep writing your blog. Thank you for helping me figure out which of these 6 episodes my TiVo recorded to watch to see you.
This, and your previous "5,000 words" on judging the pageant are really a very interesting read! With $10,000 at stake at the Old Hollywood-themed pageant, tempers run high, and conspiracy theories abound with pageant moms. I VERY RANDOMLY tuned in to this episode and I never watch Toddlers and Tiaras (but I love fourfour, even though I never comment). I'm glad you came off well Rich, hope you get plenty more mind-bending, fake-lash studded, yet ultimately enlightening experiences in the way of your work.
The initial visit by authorities is said to have occurred 'shortly after filming began' on the new TLC series which premiered on August 8.
Loud and proud: The pageant queen showed off her flabby belly on a previous episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Stealing the limelight: June (left) has arguably become more of a focus in the reality show than her beauty pageant star daughter (right). The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In the fall, I judged a Universal Royalty pageant that was filmed for Toddlers and Tiaras (read 5,000 words of my thoughts about that here). Glitz pageants serve to seal that door by placing children in the most consciously unnatural costumes possible, obscuring their brief lives with piles of hair and teeth and makeup. It also always says much more about the parents than the blank canvasses they strapped into their car seats and plied with Pixy Stix. Regarding this highly superficial world through the highly sensational medium of reality TV, I feel an unlikely enlightenment. I just showed up and watched a lot of Shirley Temple impersonations and talked about them and left. That was my fault, I should have known better but I luckily wasn't punished for it, nor were any of the recipients of my critiques (at least, not to the extent that they could have been). My responses were all filed where they belonged in the episode (no Frankenstein sound bites from me!). That she was able to disregard her mother's shaming when she failed to win the $10,000 grand prize and instead was perfectly pleased with the $500 she was rewarded bespeaks a confidence and sense of self beyond her 4 years. I think the producers knew you either a) an internet celebrity; or b) writing about your experience, because you got a lot of screen time for a judge! And I couldn't even watch it all at once, I was so enthralled (and frankly, disoriented) at seeing you on the show I had to stop my illegally downloaded copy of the episode each time you were on so I could keep myself from getting overwhelmed.
The episode finally aired this week (I was interviewed for the show, and you can see a reel of my screen time here). This could probably be said for any sort of competition that requires a uniform, but of course feels more pronounced in pageantry given the medium's investment in masquerade. It tickles my brain to have been able to go back and see what was going on while I was confined to my own existence, thanks to the third eye TLC provided. I think she just might have the stuff to survive what seems like a complete nightmare of a mother.

But considering how the panel is usually moms and ex-beauty queens, putting a nice-looking young man on, in formal wear (!!!) was a nice change of pace!
I think your last piece on this (the unedited version) was one of my favorite pieces you have written. I always watch T&T, and I always read FourFour, so to have the two things collide was an explosion of awesomeness. Watching the early portion of the episode, which chronicled the preparation for the pageant (as every first half of a Toddlers and Tiaras episode does), was eye-opening, primarily because it was incredible to see the children that I judged actually look like children.
I can only assume that this is something many people experience as a result of appearing in any sort of verite medium that focuses on the lives surrounding them, and thus is not new to me, but if you haven't experienced it, I highly recommend it.
I surprised myself with how critically I approached this thing, when its inherent ridiculousness was never not in my face, winking at me against the weight of false eyelashes. While that provides one sort of context in itself, these kids who have been plucked from their sandboxes and placed in sequins and lace, are mostly defined by what has been imposed on them. The idea that anyone would think that what happened in that room mattered on a level beyond being a (possibly) entertaining activity boggles my mind, since that woman's daughter could step in front of a different panel of eight people with an entirely different outcome. They pointed both at the girls and this entire institution as I sternly looked on while laughing so hard I cried within.
I don't know if I lived camp per say, but I definitely now know what it feels like to be a conduit for it. Believe me, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of taking it seriously, but a greater consciousness really comes in handy. Also, I kinda want to hug her daughter and tell her that she's awesome and that her mom is craycray.

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