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The Pull-Ups site features a handful of great activities that you can use as extra encouragement for your little ones during every step of the potty training process.
Once the potty training process begins and your kiddo goes in the potty for the first time, the celebrations begin with the Pull-Ups "Celebrate the First Flush" page. Potty training is certainly a huge milestone in every kid's and parent's life, and it takes some families longer to get through than others. Click here for our expert potty training videos for the last stage of your child's learning progress. Once our son pickedA out the style of his potty seat and Pull-UpsA® training pants; he jumped right into ownership of potty time. First, parents can determine if their kids are even ready to embark on potty training with a quick readiness quiz.
Your child tells you in words or by behaviour that wearing a wet nappy is uncomfortable, and needs changing. In my humble opinion, the key to any type of training is to use your child’s personality and interestsA to help motivate him or her. I may have been able to start training him sooner but I wanted to wait until I saw signs he was ready for potty training. By explaining to our son that going to the potty does not mean he is losing any part of himself, he freely does a bowel movement as well as he urinates in the potty chair. Shopping for the right tools is also a great way to let your child be a part of the process of toilet training.A A We went shopping and our son picked out a new potty seat in the shape and style of a small red sports car. Kids can get a special "call" on the computer from a favorite character like Mater or Minnie Mouse to congratulate them on their milestone. For my son’s age (nearly 3) the timer self-selected to remind us to go potty every 45 minutes. Here I’ll share 10 Potty Training Tips that Work and a set of FREE Printable Potty Training Charts for boys and girls.
Watch potty training advice videos on starting out with your child and beginning toilet training progress.

My top 10 potty training tips combines the techniques that worked for our eldest with some fun activities which better match the motivational preferences of our youngest. I really like the Huggies Pull-UpsA®A because unlike others I’ve seen (volunteering in childcare) you can open them on the sides and put them back together again. This interactive app for iOS and Android devices features even more tools, games and rewards to keep kids motivated to continue potty success and embark on other "big kid" activities, like brushing teeth and bedtime routines. Your child can understand and follow simple instructions, like 'bring me the potty, please'.
Prepare with Books and Multimedia – We read books and watch videos about going potty to help our son understand how it works.
We also purchased our Huggies Pull-UpsA® training pants, and a special reward for our son – new Disney Cars themed slippers. It can be a fun, bonding experience, especially when you have some outside reinforcements like the interactive Huggies Pull-Ups site. In the photo below you can see all the motivational tools we used including the potty training charts and stickers.
Click for potty training videos with tips and advice to help you & your child through their potty training journey. My son knows how to listen and follow instruction, so we started potty training about a week ago and I am amazed by how quickly he’s gotten into the habit of regularly using his potty chair.
But with the Huggies Pull-Ups site, encouragement and LOTS of patience, you'll be transitioning your toddler to a big kid in no time. Designed especially to help toddlers master dryness, they are an essential tool in the potty training process. For the frustrated parents of have-more-important-things-to-do kids out there, take a deep breath and know that potty training doesn't have to be wrought with stress and anxiety. TheseA are the Free Potty Training Charts I promised with eight different formats and multiple colors and styles for both boys and girls. We partnered Buzz Light Year and Jake from the Neverland Pirates with some toy car sticker rewards and a new potty chair and voila – we now have a two year-old asking to use the potty regularly.

Reward Your Child for their EffortsA – I came up with a reward chart and told our son that if he filled the chart he could get some new slippers with cars on them. It's a major transition for little ones, and sometimes even the best bribes, reward charts, stickers and M&Ms don't do the trick. If the answer is yes, parents can check the Big Kid Prep List and print out a personalized rewards chart to get kids excited. Little Progress in Potty Training After Three Weeks Your tot might be ready to ditch his diapers if he's ready to learn and you're ready to teach. Parents have hundreds of ways to potty-train their kids, but the best way might be to make the whole deal a game.
This will help your child think about when he needs to go and the healthy competition could kick potty-training into gear. Whoever ends with the most points gets a prize -- keep a goody bag of toys from the dollar store on hand. Eventually, make the game an all-day game and by the end of the week, your child could be potty-trained.
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