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While you may wish to choose the time to toilet train your child (spring and summer are the most convenient seasons), be aware that no child will be trained until physically and emotionally ready (from eighteen to thirty months, or even older). Remember that if you try to push things, you’ll only be train­ing yourself to catch your child. Once basic training is underway, help your child understand that toilet habits are his or her own responsibility, including cleanups after accidents. Put the potty chair (if you opt for one) in the bathroom a few months before you think your child will be ready to use it. Make potty cleaning easier by putting an inch or so of water or several sheets of toilet tissue in the bottom of the pot before each use.

Keep a box of flushable baby wipes in the bathroom for your child to use instead of toilet paper. Bring along a potty chair or use an inflatable one when travel­ing, so you can stop along the road instead of having to worry about finding a gas station. Keep a basket of children’s books by the potty to keep a child sitting longer, or sing songs with your child. Some of the signs of readiness include dry diapers for a couple hours at a time, the ability to understand simple commands and explana­tions, a desire to mimic adults’ bathroom routines, an inclination toward tidiness, and a dislike of being wet or soiled. If your child is not responding or showing an interest, or if you find yourself in a battle of wills, put the whole thing off for a few weeks or months.

There are lots of potty books available that help children under stand what to expect and what’s expected.
By the time your child goes to school, you’ll wonder why toilet training seemed like such a big deal.
Fill the bag partway with toilet tissue, paper towels, or even a disposable diaper to avoid sloshing.

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