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Yorkies may be small, and therefore their “accidents” not as detrimental to your home, but starting off on the right foot with potty training your new Yorkie will save you and your new addition frustration and stress down the road.
They are used to being carried outside and therefore have never learned how to alert their owners when they need to go potty. If you are experiencing difficulty training your new Yorkie, keep reading to find helpful tips, tricks and training methods to housebreak your new pup. If you have adopted from a reputable breeder, then hopefully they will have already started on the basics of potty training before you even pick your pup up.
If however, you have purchased your dog from a pet store where the dog has spent most of its life in a cage (where it has had no other choice but to eliminate where it eats and sleeps), it is still not too late to break the habit. Crate training is the most popular and successful method of housebreaking dogs of any breed. The next time you want to take your dog out, immediately go outside on a leash and take him to the same general area of the yard. It is important to make the crate feel like a safe and secure place for your puppy and not a place of punishment. Most experts agree that punishing a dog for eliminating in the house is ineffective and even counter-productive: often, when an owner finds a puddle (or pile!) in the house, their first instinct is to go and get their dog and scold them over it. If you happen to catch your dog in the act, the best thing to do is to calmly and quickly take them outside to their designated potty spot.
While most of the advice in this article is geared towards puppies, older dogs that are not housebroken can also be trained to potty outside. When choosing a Yorkie puppy as your pet, you need to pay attention to specific characteristics. Football4life - Thank for posting great article about teacups and how there is no such thing! Molly dog - Hi my daughter bought me a yorkie after I lost my sweet Tootie Dog 8 weeks ago & she was also a yorkie.
As dog lovers, we all know that our pets are irreplaceable members of our families – not to mention really adorable ones! Maximize your Zoo visit with hands-on, interactive activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Zipline Canopy Tour (includes both the River and Zoo Zips) — Challenge yourself to the ultimate adventure with seven treetop zips, test your balance across a rickety bridge, climb through two cargo nets and take a 1,000-foot flight over the scenic Saluda River. River Zip (excludes Zoo Zip) — Climb through a cargo net, zip through the treetops, cross a rickety bridge and take a 1,000-foot flight over the scenic Saluda River. Since Yorkies are so small, they simply cannot hold their bladders and bowels as long as their larger canine cousins. For large dogs, it can hard to miss when they have an accident in the middle of the living room floor.
Since most puppies are raised in a whelping box (a low-walled box where mother and puppies spend their first several weeks of life), they have probably already developed the instinct that tells them not to eliminate where they eat and sleep. To get started, you will need a wire crate with a plastic bottom (be sure to get one with a removable bottom which are much easier to clean!) The idea of crate training works with the idea that dogs do not like to eliminate where they eat or sleep. Dogs like consistency, and being fed at the same time every morning and evening will help them learn a routine and make potty habits predictable. Once your dog has been successfully crate trained, you may want to consider hanging a bell on the door so your dog can learn to associate the sound of the bell with the door opening.
Since dogs have such short memory spans, what you are communicating to the dog is not that going in the house is bad, but that it’s the urine or feces that is bad. The most common issue, especially with rescued dogs, is that they have practically spent their entire lives in a wire cage where they have had no choice but to eliminate. It can be hard to fathom that the outdoors can be a frightening place, but for a puppy mill dog, being in such a large and open space with never before seen sights and smells can be simply overwhelming.
Keep distractions (like speaking to your dog) to a minimum so he can relax and unwind enough to be able to eliminate.
But we also recognize that through no fault of their own, they also require us to take a few extra steps to help maintain the health of our home and family (Yorkie included!).
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For Yorkies, however, owners just may not notice if and when their tiny dog has urinated—especially if it’s on the carpet. To start, only have your new puppy out of the crate when you are actively playing with him or he is eating.

Then, if and when he does eliminate, praise with him words or even a treat while you still outside. For Yorkies, especially when they are puppies, be sure to partition the crate off so that the area they are allowed is just big enough for them to be comfortable. This can be especially helpful with small breeds that can be so quiet—owners may not notice their dog walking to the door!
Using the right cleaner will help prevent your dog from wanting to go in that same spot next time. Add that to the fact that the act of eliminating is a very vulnerable undertaking, because that is when an animal is most likely to be attacked. Crate training can still work in these situations, you just may have to take the dog outside more frequently to prevent them eliminating in the crate.
Children under age 4 must wear proper swim diapers or must be fully potty trained to play in water features. Tours may be cancelled by Riverbanks in the event of thunder, lightning, torrential rain, or severe wind. And when your Yorkie’s “accident” isn’t followed up with any corrective behavior (like immediately being taken outside), they may learn to think this is accepted behavior. If a tiny Yorkie is put in a 5-foot long crate, then they might not mind eliminating on the other end! This is key—because you don’t want to give your pup the chance to potty unless he is outside. Footwear should consist of closed-toed shoes like sneakers or hiking boots (no flip-flops, crocs or Vibram FiveFinger shoes). It may be a lot faster—but your dog is not learning that the act of walking to the door is to signal that he needs to eliminate.

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