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Mom of 2, wife of 1, Sarah is a writer, photographer, Beachbody coach, semi-retired casting director and hostess with the mostess in the Palm Springs desert.
I’ve been really lucky not to have to deal with this, but then again, it took my son until he was almost 4 to be potty trained anyway! Glad to see someone talking about this because there are many kids that still wet the bed after age 5. I continued to hide the bed wetting until I was 20 when a friend finally convinced me to see a doctor about it. Here I am going on 20 years of dealing with this issue, can anyone say it’s still happening and sight lack of motivation? Want to be the first to know when this product is restocked?  Just enter your e-mail address, and we will contact you as soon as we restock this item. Made in southern California (USA) by two moms.About the makers of Super UndiesSuper Undies is owned and operated by momtrepenuer Laura Wojciechowski. Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants are the only pull on style potty training pants out there with a reliable way of boosting absorption!Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action. 7-10 yrsCare Instructions:Pull-On Undies need to be turned inside out while being washed and dried.
Use fabric softeners - Fabric softeners can cause a residue build up on the fabrics and cause them to become less absorbent, or even repell the water. Wash with garments that have hook and loop, such as Velcro - The hook will snag the Super Undies elastic and stretchy tabs.
Our minimum adoption fees are directly linked to our costs to care for dogs in our program.

Foster parents are so important in helping the rescue dog make a successful transition to a permanent home. Find out more about all the different ways you can be of service from transport help, to photographer, to data entry.Volunteering makes you and the dogs we save smile!
Not much is known about Bogey’s life before he was saved by the rescue group, Don’t Bully Me, except that he was scheduled to be euthanized and riddled with infections. This is Blanca with her new mom Lyncee living the life in Tennessee, her new name is Aspynne. A child under four years of age is developing very fast and most parents do not even realize that they cross so many mile stones within these four years. Calling him a baby, threatening to put him back in diapers, made him sleep in the bath tub. Had I not been afraid to come forward, perhaps things would have been different with treatment for the different issues. I sure don’t like checking in for a hospital stay to pull out a diaper and have a nurse tell me “Diapers! Each adoption, and the care an individual dog receives is subject to change and is at the discretion of our Chair of Animal Welfare. Once in Don’t Bully Me’s care, they determined he had a long list of issues: a double ear infection, an eye infection, his neuter site was infected and he had a yeast infection. The fundamentals for all future development processes in children are laid in strong foundations under the age of four.
Thereafter, from 12 to 4 years, the child observes his parents and others around him and starts picking up skills and also end up forming his own identity. Several teenagers who get pregnant do not know the magnitude of responsibilities they would be dealing with shortly and most of them are not prepared to handle it. But what I can say is regardless of the cause of bed wetting, no child wants to wake up to a wet bed. Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants have a layer of micro-fiber built in, making them suitable as a trickle trainer. We do not receive government funding and therefore rely heavily on our adoption fees, fundraising efforts, and generous supporters.

They can use their legs by kicking constantly into the air, can move their hands vigorously, and starts identify their hands and fingers. This age is extremely critical when it comes to personality development because by this time the child has learned to walk and talk.
But because they were intended for babies, it meant getting up half way through the night to change it. Super Undies may be washed with a regular load of clothing, provided that they are not soiled. Having grown up a bed wetter I can tell you, it’s no fun waking up to wet bed and sheets shivering at 2am because you wet the bed. Being placed with my physically abusive dad over my mom who was psychologically abusive herself so probably wouldn’t have been much better. If your Super Undies do get "dirty", shake the waste off into the toilet and pre-rinse them by themselves prior to laundering.
Adoption fees must be paid by cash, check, money order, bank check, or credit card (additional fees apply for use of credit card). Thankfully for me, I was 13 when it started and was old enough to be able to take care of my bedding myself.
I was also being abused at school by both kids and staff alike (special education schools that had permission to put their hands on students and went on power trips). My parents had divorced a year before the bed wetting started and my dad worked a lot leaving me home alone just before school, and until 6pm after school. Then to add to the mess my wetting got worse in 1996 after a incidence of child abuse to my spine left me paralyzed for a short time but the injury caused nerve damage. The one time I didn’t get out of it, I stayed up all night and went to bed when I got home.
And in early 2000 is when I began to develop day time accidents and had to start wearing diapers during the day as well.

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