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Chances are you got a shape sorter when your toddler was a baby, when he loved to take all the pieces out (and you spent evenings hunting down every last one of them). Mexico City This capital city oozes Old World charm and big-city excitement at the same time.
As he focuses on his puzzles or play sets, trucks or teddies, blocks or books, he's a little scientist at work, conducting experiments and exploring his world, using toys as the tools of his trade. They boost your toddler's hand-eye coordination and teach him about shapes and patterns and concepts like in and out. Now he's better able to fit the shapes into the holes and listen to them hit the bottom of the sorter ("Thunk!"), a good way to learn about cause and effect. Now that your child is more mobile and can manipulate things more easily than when he was a baby, toys are also a way to help him gain control of his environment and be the boss of his world (even when it's frustrating). Younger toddlers may still need a hand when it comes to recognizing which shape goes where; you can work in a little vocab-boosting lesson as you hand him the shape ("That's a triangle! Kids will enjoy a visit to Chapultepec Park, which Frommer a€™s calls the a€?centerpiece of the city.a€? At 543 acres, it is one of the largest city parks in the world.
Look for ones with four to six pieces and big wooden knobs that make each piece easier to grasp and pull.
Hop a ride on the miniature train, wave hello to the animals at the zoo or get your paddle on in a canoe on the parka€™s lake. Every kind of toy can teach your toddler something — cause and effect, say, or how to communicate and take turns — and hone his skills, from hand-eye coordination to recognizing patterns.
Simple shapes (circles and squares, say) are best at first; no matter which way your little puzzle-master puts the pieces in, they'll be right side up.
The best playthings do many things at once (pint-sized shopping cart, anyone?) and are open-ended enough to continue to fascinate your little explorer as he grows. For toddlers older than two, you can get sorters with more sophisticated shapes, like ovals and octagons, that he may find more challenging.

As soon as he gets frustrated, though, the jig's up: Put the puzzle away or hand him one he's already perfected. For families looking to branch out, the ruins of TeotihuacA?n are located 30 miles outside Mexico City.
Bring your own lunch and picnic as you explore the pyramids of this ancient city where the Aztecs believed the gods created the universe. Toronto For parents traveling with toddlers, check out the Ontario Science Centrea€™s KidSpark, which has its own toddler area for little travelers to explore shapes and textures.
Head outside Toronto and into Blue Mountains, Ontario, to wander through massive caves at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. Then inch your way across a 420-foot footbridge and take a ride on Canadaa€™s longest twin zipline. For younger visitors and those who prefer their feet closer to the ground, this spot also offers a playground, tractor rides and panning for gemstones. With vendors selling colorful orchids and other exotic plants, ita€™s a full-on feast for little eyes.
And for wandering hands, therea€™s a pet market where visitors can ogle and even pet some of the many animals, including chickens and bunnies. New Orleans New Orleans is known for its thumping jazz music, crawfish delicacies and of course, the nightlife of Bourbon Street. While New Orleans has dozens of attractions aimed at childrena€”therea€™s also an insectarium and an aquariuma€”the city itself is ideal for families to explore. Head into the French Quarter and listen to jazz music from the street performers who are out nearly every day. And if you are feeling adventurous, bring your family to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season.
Locals prop their little ones on ladder stands so they can get the best chance at catching beads, cups, stuffed animals and other toys and throws that are tossed off the floats as they roll by.

London Back across the pond is another major European city that has a reputation for being more of an adult travel destinationa€”but really provides an adventure for the whole family. After all, the city is home to two of the most famous children in the world (hello, Prince George and Princess Charlotte!) so, of course, local Londoners know how to show little ones a good time. With very few steps, ita€™s an easy stroll to check out the boats on the River Thames or the shows at the Southbank Centre.
And of course therea€™s the breathtaking views atop the London Eye, the biggest Ferris wheel most kids will ever see. Visitors can make like theya€™re at Hogwarts at Harry Potter movie locations or get in spy-mode during the Sherlock Holmes tour.
Older kids and teens can retrace the steps of Londona€™s most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper.
Asheville, North Carolina This up-and-coming city is one huge backyard adventure, with the Blue Ridge Mountain as a breathtaking backdrop. At Asheville Treetops Park, kayak enthusiasts can try kayaking in mid-air on a harness suspended three stories high.
Younger kids or those who like to hang out a little closer to earth can do a tamer version. For parents with foodie leanings, Asheville is also home to a burgeoning food and craft-beer scene.

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