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Start Potty Training is a program by Carol Cline a potty training guru that promises readers proven and quick methods of potty training even the stubborn kids in only three days. In the program, Carol teaches parents how to potty train their kids with no pressure or stress.
Bumps in the road- A special section which talks about the challenges parents are likely to face during potty training. The guide comes in three different formats including text, audio and video to demonstrate the various potty training techniques; you can choose the format that best suits your style.
The three days fast includes a breakdown of the various stages to achieve success in three days or less.
Carol cline has experience in potty training she knows that every child is different, and responds differently.

With so many programs in the market that promise to deliver but don’t, many people are hesitant to try any product no matter how promising it sounds.
In this section, Carol addresses fear of pooping, bed-wetting, tantrums, regression and many others. The steps show how to potty train your baby without stressing her or yourself and without the need for brute force. Accordingly, she offers her customers free support and can be reached directly for any queries. The methods in the guide are customized for both boys and girls and for children with special needs. Start Potty Training is a proven program with thousands of parents worldwide having used it with good results.

She also provides valuable advice on how to handle outings to places like the mall, pools and travelling.
Based on different user reviews, its simplicity and value to parents Start Potty Training gets a rating of 9 out 10. Luckily, the Start Potty Training Program by Carol Cline is proven to work to help boys and girls potty train.

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