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Early potty training in America was completely parent-centered and sometimes disturbingly so. Although the harsh potty training methods of earlier decades were abandoned after World War II, potty training still happened far earlier than it does today.
Thirty years later, disposable diapers became more effective and less expensive and the public shift moved away from cloth.  Since many women had entered the workforce, families began to use cloth diaper services or disposables instead of instead of laundering their own diapers.
In a dramatic shift, today about 90% of American children wear disposables, and only about 10% are potty trained by 18 months. With new disposables for children up to four and five years old, the average potty training age in America has now moved to 30 months (but can go as high as 60 months). Our household history of potty training our two children has shown that while there is no reason to feel pressured to achieve early potty training, it’s possible to buy a potty seat and let your child use it now and again even before age one.  We plopped our baby (pictured below)  on the potty seat at seven months when it appeared that she needed to have a bowel movement. What insights have you gained about potty training through talking with parents and grandparents?  Have you experimented with elimination communication?
We’re doing Elimination Communication (infant potty training) with our 5 month old daughter (we began when she was about 1 month old). As for my sources, I read a huge variety of articles and left out some icky details of those dark days of early potty training in America. The fact that the AAP states that babies aren’t physically ready to potty train until after 18 months is bizarre. We started teaching our son about the potty, the sign and word for it (he now uses only the word) and had him sit on it whenever I knew he would be about to move his bowels and we started this at about 15 months. But now, at 20 months, we are 1 week in (this is day 7) on real, honest to goodness potty training and he is doing great! My girls are 2 and 1 and we put them on the potty in the morning when they wake up and almost always go pee..

I first heard Mayim Bialik (actress who played Blossom) talk about EC on a podcast and it did not sound good to me. I do wonder if things would have gone easier if we’d bought a little potty early on and just presented it as an alternative, rather than something he had to use. The one thing I have learned potty training two boys is that you can’t make them start until they are ready! These are comments that are shared because for that mother that particular thing has worked. The first notable sign is normally that your toddler will indicate with words or actions that they have gone in their nappy.
Accidents will happen when potty training toddlers and there is only one thing you should do about it - encourage your child and clean up the mess.It is pointless getting angry about a puddle on the floor and wet clothes, and no need to get embarrassed if their accident is a little smelly!
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In the early 1900s children were on strict elimination schedules and parents even used suppositories or enemas to enforce regularity.
My now 6 year old we tried for 3 years from the time he turned 2 to potty train him and he would never never never poop on the potty. I truly hope that this post doesn’t make you feel like you have to potty train your child at a certain age to be a success. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

This article will hopefully dispel some myths, give you hints and tips to have a stress free potty training period with your little ones when they are ready. Others may insist that you take their nappy off immediately after wetting or soiling their diaper. Berry Brazelton advocated that parents wait until their children were ready to train, partially in response to the harsh potty training routines that were used decades earlier.  Most parents now don’t even think about attempting toilet training until their children are two or older.
Also, it wasn’t till just before he turned 4 that we could convince him to sit on the potty without him kicking and screaming.
For your child to be able to stay dry throughout the night you can expect that anywhere from 3-4 years of age and for some they will still have multiple accidents up to the age of 5. This just indicates that they are recognizing that something has happened and does not indicate control.The next step in potty training toddlers is when they ask you to take off their nappy during the day as they would prefer to go without it while at home. Then I was at a La Leache League meeting and two girls talked about how you can do EC part time or just occasionally or all of the time.
Once we got past that hurdle, getting him to have a bowel movement in the toilet was easy, as he shows definite signs beforehand and doesn’t mind pooping on the toilet. Bowel movements in babies and toddlers can be anticipated to some degree due to the natural stimulating of the gastro intestinal system when food is ingested.
This however does not indicate that a child is ready for potty training, it is simply the bodies response to food in the system.Whether you choose to help your toddler onto the normal toilet with a special seat adjustment or let them use a toddler, is in many cases personal preference on behalf of the mother. She doesn’t seem to indicate to me when she needs to go but we have a pretty regular schedule of when I put her on the potty throughout the day.

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