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When it comes to keeping your sanity, it is important to remind yourself that there is a 99% chance that your (healthy, developing) child will be potty trained by kindergarten without you even having to do anything.
Recruit older siblings (or even cousins, friends, and neighbors) to help in your potty training endeavor! When potty-training, it is really important that you are at home for the first few days.  They need to be close to the potty at all times.  Clear your schedule of all activities out of the home–it will only be temporary! The cloth training pants have a thickened center, making accidents MUCH more manageable.  Plus, they don’t have the super-tight elastic that leave marks on your child’s skin.
Reward your child each time he uses the potty!  Jump up and down in excitement, make a sticker chart, or give bits of candy.  Whatever it takes to motivate! You want your child to be as full of fluids as possible so that they will go to the bathroom more those first couple of days. When you don’t have access to a child-sized potty chair, put the boys backwards on the regular potty. As moms, we all have issues that can drive us crazy…in addition to potty training, getting my kids to eat veggies is another one that is a struggle in our house!
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Unless otherwise stated, each of the activities shared on this blog require adult supervision at ALL times. Posted by BabyRecs Staff on July 3, 2012 Leave a CommentPotty trainers are tough because when they have to go, they have to go.
Made of high quality, durable plastic, the My Carry Potty is lightweight enough to carry every where you go. In theory the My Carry Potty sounds cool but I don’t think I would buy it because of the mess that remains in the potty until you can empty it.

As moms, we all have issues that can drive us crazy…in addition to potty training, getting my kids to eat veggies [5] is another one that is a struggle in our house!
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Your toddler can get excited about carrying their own potty in their own color so maybe this can help with the potty training process. As much as the bag-free option is great for the enviroment, at least it contains the mess and you can throw the bag away. When my boys were potty training and they were in that desperation mode we got close to accidents a few times. As a bag-free potty, it saves the environment but then you store the contents in the potty until you get to a restroom.
If you can get your toddler to use it when out of the house then at least potty training is successful.
I am not sure I would be excited to have my child go and close up the potty and then have to clean it out later.
It is great for long drives, trips to the beach or park where restrooms are not readily available. The My Carry Potty eliminates that worry because it is a portable potty that looks like a small suitcase. Or in my case, if you have a few kids and you are by yourself, and one as to go, pull out the My Carry Potty and everyone is happy.
Many dog owners don’t realize that puppies develop what we call a ‘substrate preference’ for elimination very early in life. That means that a puppy who initially learns to pee on grass will tend to prefer pottying on grass in the future, whereas a puppy who’s been taught to ‘go’ on pads learns that eliminating indoors on soft surfaces is acceptable.

You can probably see how this could end up making Sally’s potty training confusing for her in the long run, right?My suggestions are:• If possible, take Sally out the same area outdoors every time you want her to eliminate, even if that means onto a balcony. This teaches her that elimination is an act that’s always done outside, no matter what.• Remember to reward her each time she goes in the ‘right’ place • Instead of teaching her to use puppy pads, bring her to a litter box filled with gravel, or a patch of artificial ‘potty training’ turf to do her business. You can use ‘go pee’ or a ‘hurry up’ cue to teach this behavior, but make sure to use the same phrase each time! When she starts to urinate, say your cue word or phrase, wait until she’s completely finished, and then reward her immediately with praise and a tasty treat. For the first few weeks, ONLY say the phrase if she’s actually in the process of going potty.
Once she’s eliminating regularly with this routine, start saying the cue earlier (when she’s showing signs of having to go, like circling or sniffing the ground, for example), only rewarding her if she actually urinates. She’ll soon connect the command with the act of going potty, and you’ll be able to use the cue with her anywhere you go. Dogs aren’t typically able to poop on command, however, but it’s always good to assume that they’ll need to have a bowel movement after a meal or playtime.Sally sounds like a delightful little puppy, and you must be excited to watch her grow and learn! With time, patience, and a consistent routine set by you, she’ll be learning an outdoor potty routine in no time. After she was done, I used to give her a treat & tell her good girl!When we started going outside for walks, I started to say the word pee pee.

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