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You know it’s time to say goodbye to the diapers but you’re still hesitant where to start and how to potty train your toddler.
If words and instructions can’t get your toddler to sit on a potty chair, then it’s time to offer some incentives. My personal opinion is that you start training them by sitting down and then once they have mastered potty training and are accident free, you then teach them to urinate standing up! No matter which path you take - this green urinal for boys is perfect for toddler boys who are learning to urinate standing up! This little urinal gives your toddler the independence to go and urinate when he needs to go; he can easily reach the urinal - it is at his level. The urinal can be attached to the toilet or the shower with suction cup or to the wall with screws. This stinky adventure comes to you courtesy of Addicting Games, the popular Flash game website, and the original Flash version of Potty Racers is still available to play for free online.
You start off on a warm-up hill with a stripped down, very basic racer, and once there, you choose your difficulty level. Since the original game used a keyboard control scheme, some big changes were made for the app. Now, Potty Racers is certainly entertaining for the first couple of minutes, but there’s not a lot content and the goals are limited at best. Putting on a diaper would relinquish that ‘big kid’ status you work so hard to create, but you can’t just go full force into underwear, so Pampers has created some middle ground. Let them flush the toilet so they can see that everything’s okay and it’s nothing to be scared of.

Get them amped up by letting them pick out some really neat underwear with their favorite characters on them. If you are going at it hardcore, this is one that will work for you: Put underwear on them, or let them be naked. A longest jump-type game, similar to Fly, Kiwi, Fly!, Potty Racers launches stick figures and portable toilets to impressive new heights through a combination of touch and tilt controls, as well as a full and highly improbable upgrade system. The app version definitely has a slight edge over its Flash roots, but don’t go in expecting too much from a game about launching port-a-potties off of big hills. Landing successful jumps wins you cash which you can use to pimp your ride with better wheels, bigger engines, etc. This time around, you swipe to get things rolling, and once in the air, you must make use of the tilt controls to bring your poop-mobile in for a level landing. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store.
Let them come into the bathroom with you (as if you have a choice… lol) so they can see what it’s all about. You need to plan ahead and devote your time in order to get the little ones out of diapers. This has to be a willful act; otherwise, your child will associate negative feelings towards the potty and it will take you an even longer time to potty train him. The idea is to get your child used to sitting on a potty chair before it’s actually time to potty. You’re doing your best to figure out how to potty train your child, but things seem not going in the right direction.

Find out what your child likes, and offer him or her a prize in exchange for sitting on a potty chair for certain amount of time. All of these modifications usually result in bigger and better jumps, and once you hit a certain jump height and length distance, you start opening up bigger hills as well. Coming in at an angle or upside will result in your poor little stick man being smeared across the pavement with some rather foul substances. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading. They pull up just like underwear, but are much more capable of handling accidents than their fabric counterparts. This could be a stressful task for some parents, but with some practice the process can get easier.
For instance, show your toddler the pooped diaper and why the yucky stuff has to go into the drain.
You need to take your time and try different techniques to figure out how to potty train your toddler.
If they go potty (in the potty or have an accident) reset the timer, but this time for 45 minutes.
Repeat the cycle of pottying and resetting the timer throughout the day and then at night (or when you go run errands if you aren’t going to be close to a bathroom at all times) use Pampers Easy Ups.

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