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On a daily basis lately I’ve been saying to myself, ”Who were those imbeciles telling me the first year with twins is the hardest? These tender one on one moments can be very heartwarming to watch, but it also can be double trouble and then some.
There are no constant fears of wobbly feet falling, and trying to protect both while they run in separate directions. They can easily express themselves to me and my husband and so the frustration they got from not being completely understood is now a thing of the past. When there is a fight look out or blood may be shed, but since one is very peaceful it’s mostly a one way street nowadays. So, if you are the parent of multiples in the terrible twos or were there, feel free to chime in. Elementary school kids love fantasy, but very young kids, with their limited time on earth, are still doing all they can to learn about this world. Did they sleep through the terrible twos, or get a nanny or something?” While I fully agree things change.
And they don’t listen particularly well at this stage at all, though they understand everything now with 100% clarity. Nothing gets by her and she is honestly a really good child held under some terrible influences. They already tell me where I am allowed to kiss them, always need to feed, dress themselves, open up the van doors, take treats out of wrappers, put straws into drinks, do most everything on their own. This makes things much easier and makes for FAR less meltdowns (tantrums) then back when speech was much more limited. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that when they go off to school part-time and then full-time, that I will actually miss them and the havoc they reek. I hear another twin mom with freshly turned one year old boy and girl tell another twin mom with 3 month old twins tell her it get’s easier and I have to clamp my mouth shut not to burst their bubble.
So give them books that are based on things they can see, touch and experience in their everyday life.

It is based on reality, it’s about all the things you can with your hands, and most of the images are ones little kids can relate to, like waving bye-bye, playing peek-a-boo and putting on shoes.
One her twin sister, and another her 7 year old sister whom her co-twin looks up to like an idol and mimics to the letter. I think that factor has added to the immense difficulty of the stage. Devious, mischievous, independent, and she can attack if you bother her at the wrong moment.
They do care about each other, maybe one much more so than the other, or Allie just has a funny way of showing it at times. Don’t confuse them (and possibly scare them as they get older) with fantasy, myths or fairy tales. I see that having older siblings and each other has made these two bomb-proof, but maybe too much so. My other kids were happy to have mom’s help and seemed to have needed me much more for much longer. Poor Annie has a strong maternal instinct and a very loving side towards her sister and others, which is funny because she used to be the perpetrator not the victim, but she is now. But these two are able to tackle the big kid playgrounds like they are 10, they don’t need my help for much of anything, nor usually want it.
But the moments that they play nicely and engage in conversation between one another, just about makes all this other hard crap worthwhile . They blow through tokens and they know to feed their tickets into the machine and go to get a prize. Accidents, taking tots into dirty bathrooms wherever we go, as we phase out diapers and the expense of that. I’ve been reading it to them for months now, and now, they will read it by themselves and do all the hand gestures that go along with it!
I notice that the people (strangers) that were so endearing, understanding, even helpful to me while out and about with twins while they were younger, no longer are that way, most of the time. They have no fear, and are as independent and headstrong as teenagers without much hesitation at all.

If they don’t have enough for what they want, mom has to fork over some loot to get it.
It’s something that seems to make things harder right now, but when they are 100% trained it will be easier.
YOU may find this boring, but it’s good for THEM to play on the swings in the park and then read a book about a child who plays on the swing, or for them to read books about children who nap, bathe, eat and sleep.
You are super mom” have faded away even though I am juggling, managing, and keeping kids in control as much as humanly possible, far more now. When my singletons were 5 they didn’t do half of the stuff these kids did by 24 months. They make long sentences, ad know where every body part is, can say it, including brain, heart, and gluteus maximus (aka- hiney). Then of course you have your extra activities, gymnastics, dance to next year, hopefully an introduction to preschool. And the other ignoring, or even going at her sister physically because of a simple, attempted hug. They are forever inside of the fridge now.) I have to unplug the microwave because they try and heat stuff up all the time.
I’ll check back in to update in about 6 months or so on how life is going in a super lengthy update like this one.
But if you watch them in gymnastics or on the playground, they do stick together a lot of the time.

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