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It’s so nice that the weather is cooling down and we can get outside more but I still find myself and my toddler getting pretty stir crazy during the day. How would I work with their needs to sit up on the potty simultaneously?  And how would I clean up accidents quickly and be ready to help the next one, or worse yet, what would I do when they both had accidents simultaneously and both needed my help?
How could I encourage and motivate both girls simultaneously, encouraging them when they struggle, or motivating one who's discouraged while praising the other's success at the same time?
I can't encourage you enough to try using the principles from the book, Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, by Dr. Do I wait then? There are some good reasons why earlier training could benefit your child. I had another post planned for today that I actually have had to push until tomorrow, so today I’m sharing 20 Fall Activities for Toddlers.

My goal is for this blog to help other mamas like me find balance in their lives and get one step closer to really having it all together.
Life is never perfect, but I'm a firm believer that we ourselves hold the keys to bliss and happiness in marriage, motherhood, life, and business. Even if the child does not go on the potty you can praise her for making partial progress.How does a potty chart work?Potty charts basically remind you to praise your child’s effort during potty training and recognize small achievements along the way. Our printable potty charts list the milestones that need to be reached until your child can be potty trained. Complement her and let her know what a good job she is doing even if she doesn’t make it to the potty on time.For some kids getting stickers on their potty chart will be all they need to keep them motivated. Some kids will want a prize when they complete their chart or each time they are successful.

We call this a “potty prize” and if you are going to give one then you might find it helpful to keep a jar of small prizes handy during potty training.
See what works for your child.Isn’t giving my child a “potty prize” a form of bribery?A reward is given AFTER your child successfully uses the potty. A “potty prize” should be given soon after your child successfully uses the potty in order to make a firm association between the “potty prize” and the success on the potty.

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