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We have partnered with Pull-Ups® to bring you the signs that let you know your child is ready to start potty training. No matter the environment, if your child doesn't think twice about pulling down his pants when the need to pee hits or deftly removes a soiled diaper all on his own, he's probably ready to start sitting on the potty. Just when you thought you might be able to use the bathroom without the door open, your tot starts getting really interested in what's happening in there. If you find your child is sporting a dry diaper after nap time, especially a few days in a row, it's time to take a deep breath and jump right in. If you're noticing a higher level of independence in your child and increased positivity toward herself ("Mom, look what I can do!"), she's ready to give potty training a try.
If the signs above sound familiar, then you and your child are ready to climb aboard the potty train!
I just read an article in Yahoo Parenting called The Truth About Nighttime Potty Training, where Author Amy Palanjian details how her daughter has been daytime trained for some time, yet at night she was still wetting the bed. Like Palanjian, many parents have probably tried the same, or similar techniques to help their child learn to stay dry over night. You may have the best intentions in doling out rewards every time your child happens to have to pee while you place them on the potty, or you simply get so frustrated that things haven’t been going as you planned that you start punishing your child for not complying with your demands. Once a child’s brain-bladder connection has matured, the signal travels from the bladder to the brain and back letting them know to open the gates (which can probably be held closed consciously at this point). To regain a sense of self, and a sense of self-control, your child may take to doing exactly the opposite of what you want them to do. Janet Lansbury sums it up best when she states, “Toddlers have a developmentally appropriate need to resist parents, and if parents have an agenda around toilet training, healthy toddlers are inclined to push back, even if they might have been otherwise ready to begin using the toilet. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Here at The Mommy Bunch, I offer solid advice on all things parenting, household, and living life as a working mom.
22 Responses to The Brain-Bladder Connection and Potty Training – When Should You Really Worry? It can be so frustrating when your daytime potty trained child just can’t seem to maintain that throughout the night. Potty training requires a fairly complex set of skills: language, muscle control, connections between the brain and the muscles, and motivation. Begins to “order the environment,” which means putting things where they belong, lining up toys, etc.
There is nothing more frustrating for a child than to get the message that he or she has to go, get to the bathroom and then be unable to get clothing off in time.
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Potty training is a big milestone — and potentially one of the most challenging and bizarre experiences you will partake in with your child. Now is a good time to encourage your child to head to the bathroom before stripping down and sitting on the potty when he's feeling the urge to go. It's tempting to follow the lead of your tot's best friend, but if he's not talking about needing to pee or wanting to go poo-poo on his own, he might not be ready to take the next step.

You can probably predict by now when your child needs to use the bathroom, so start by having her sit on the potty based on that schedule.
Make it a big occasion by decorating the potty chair together, introducing a progress sticker chart, and switching to Pull-Ups® training pants, which help your child learn how to pull up and down as they start the journey to becoming a "Big Kid." Click here for more great tips and resources from Pull-Ups®, plus connect to a community of parents sharing their experiences.
Knowing this, no matter how much you beg and plead, and reward or punish; or no matter how many times you wake your child in the night, none of it is going to matter if your child has not biologically developed the brain-bladder communication needed to control this reflex.
These types of behaviors on your part may actually set your child back even further when their brain finally does start communicating effectively with the bladder.
Prior to this connection being established, a child may have endured a lot of frustration during previous attempts at potty training at a time they had no control. Instead of trying to control the situation by asking your child to go potty every fifteen minutes, simply know that eventually they will go just as everyone else does.
Why would we add toilet training to our already overloaded job description when doing less works just as well, if not better? It’s such a frustrating thing for parents, but given the right patience and attitude it is accomplished! He’s been potty trained (daytime for a year) but the nighttime we are really kicking into gear now.
With both of my kids I went through the realization that they just weren’t ready so we had to give them time. In other words, the child’s brain has to receive a message from the bowel or bladder that it’s time to go. This might include putting toys in it, opening and closing the lid and maybe sitting on it. If you have been making a big fuss when changing a stinky diaper (ew, gross, that’s nasty, etc), tone it down a little. The most common are “pee” or “potty” and “poo” or “poop.” If you want to be a little more sophisticated you could use “BM” for bowel movement. Avoid stressful times like moving, a new baby in the family, giving up the bottle or pacifier, moving from crib to bed, etc. Choose simple clothing that a child can manage: training diapers or loose training pants, and elastic waist pants that are easy to get off or dresses that are easy to pull up. From having to sing the same song every time the urge hits to completely stripping naked before sitting on the throne, every child has a different technique, providing a little levity to this endeavor. While training, stash extra underwear and clothes in your bathroom cabinet so you always have dry items on hand. Sure, some of the language might be a tad embarrassing, but it's important to talk about it. Encourage your little one's efforts with lots of positive praise to show you're proud of her too. She found out quickly, that not only does this do nothing to help a child with being able to control their bladder at night, it only made her daughter learn to wake at periodic times during the night and want to play.
Understanding that as in all things – it will happen eventually, when the child is ready, not when you are ready. They don’t think about it because the signal never reached their brain in the first place, they just go.

If parents or caregivers find that they are getting very angry or frustrated, it’s time to stop potty training for a few weeks before trying again. Then the muscles have to contract to hold the pee or poop until the child can use language skills to ask someone to help, or until the child can physically get to the bathroom, get their clothing off and sit on the toilet.
Once the novelty has worn off, have the child sit on the potty for a few seconds in the morning or before bath. It’s important to choose words that other people can understand to avoid embarrassing or confusing your child. So take a deep breath, stash your favorite cleaning products close to the potty, and keep an eye out for these signs that your child is ready to ditch the diaper for good. Head to the store with your tot, and pick up the perfect potty seat or mini throne so she feels special while mastering the skill. So if things don't work out at first, don't worry about it — and don't add extra stress on your child by forcing it! I was VERY blessed that both of my girls potty trained very easily comparatively, but I still remember the frustration that went along with it.
Punishing a child during potty training actually sets up a stress cycle for the child that will make training more difficult.
If you have a little observer, make sure to model good bathroom etiquette — especially the hand-washing part. In addition to all of this, the child has to be motivated to pay attention to all of these messages! A child who is physically and emotionally ready for potty training will show progress in 2-6 weeks. If you just changed jobs or have other stressful events happening in your life, you might want to wait a bit. There are some experts who promote earlier potty training or even not using diapers at all.
We think learning to go potty is enough for the child; he or she doesn’t need to learn to gamble at the same time. Think carefully about your child’s temperament and learning style, as well as your own, before trying these methods. Another potty has a sensor on the bottom, and when the pee or poop hits it, the song “How Dry I Am” plays.
Whatever age you begin or whatever method you choose, remember that the goal is not only to become potty trained, but to do so with a high self esteem. Choose a simple potty that sits on the floor or a potty seat that fits onto the big toilet.

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