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Working on dexterity and strength first can eliminate the development of an inappropriate pencil grasp. Within our curriculum we adapt the following fine motor activities that involve the use of manipulation that will support young children’s fine motor development, and will help to build the strength and dexterity necessary to hold a pencil appropriately.
Molding and rolling play dough into balls – Using pegs or toothpicks to make designs inplay dough. Yes, there were several lessons learned and observations made (hindsight is 20-20 – isn’t that always the case), but I want to focus on one particular life changing aspect of the relationship that I will carry with me forever: the importance of eating better and working out. Because I’m slim, I don’t broadcast information about my body since others tend to think “skinny people” don’t have a complex about their weight. Currently, I fluctuate throughout the 140-pound-land and my 4s and 6s in the closet all fit just fine! On days I just did NOT feel like leaving for the gym, I’d turn on the Wii to play my Zumba workout game or use the Wii to stream YouTube on my TV so I could do a 20-minute Turbo Kick class (doing something is better than nothing!).

As a rule of thumb, I take stairs sometimes versus elevators and park further than necessary when going to the stores…if you leave remembering nothing else, remember the little things make a difference! While my mom jokingly calls me a gymrat, I do not believe in spending the night.  Effective working out for me takes place in the time it takes to watch a few episodes of House Hunters. Sometimes I’ll add in 5-10 minutes of floor work like squats or planks.  Then I’m out of there and on to the rest of my day!! Feel free to share with me your lifestyle routine!  Let’s keep one another motivated and encouraged to be healthier! To establish the correct pencil grip children need to exercise their fine motor muscles before trying to learn the correct pencil grip. I know the actual number doesn’t mean much but the fact my size 6 pants were tight didn’t sit well with me. Heck I’m even excited about new running socks (hint-hint in case you want to buy me a gift…I’m just sayin’).

I think most people assume the less you eat the less you will gain, but you’re actually doing the opposite. What time, energy, and dedication it takes to do ALL that you are doing…for yourself AND others!!! I wasn’t too picky about my food choices because I thought I was in good shape, but college really screwed me over. I know I need to get moving again and eat healthier, but I can’t seem to find motivation to actually get my lazy ass up and workout.

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