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Our toddler classrooms are set up to create an environment that supports independent exploration. The play space supports gaining competence and confidence in using large muscles and sensory exploration. Type in the required information and we will send the invitation to see this daycare listing to your friend.
This was created as another unique indoor space that was designed to directly adjoin each classroom.A Toddlers participate in movement activities and also spend some time in a small group with their teacher.

Each toddler classroom is adjoined by an observation room where you can pop in to get one more peek to ensure your child has a successful transition. Toilets, sinks, and tables are all child-sized to encourage children to use them independently and gain self-help skills.
Summary of reviews and ratings of Mini Mania Daycare AcademyThe reviews and comments are community contributed content and are not based on investigative or verified data. Children enjoy riding toys, sensory play and a climbing structure specifically built for their age group.

Open spaces allow them to practice using their large muscles and learn to play alongside their friends.

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