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First action which suggests that your baby is ready to train is when baby start to tell you while doing susu or soon after that before you take notice. Need to have thing with you which are needed like toilet seat (different types are there, choose which ever you are comfortable with), footstool near the seat so that baby can climb up, proper lighting in the area, something to hold on while sitting on toilet seat so that baby will feel safe and relaxed. Talk to your child, if you are comfortable you can let your baby go along with you and tell them all the steps you are doing like cleaning flushing etc. Learn the signal which baby gives before, keep your toilet ready (because your baby won’t be able to hold on for long), loose cloths which can be easily removed.
Hygiene: Girls should be taught to wipe front towards back to avoid chances of getting the potty into vagina and Boys should be taught to shake penis after susu to get rid of any drops.
If you are stressed out or getting angry seeing that your baby is not learning, it is best to leave it for few days and do not pressurize your child. Constipation can make things worse as doing potty becomes painful and child try to avoid passing stool and is afraid to sit on potty seat. If a child who has been dry, start to wet again then look for causes of stress or visit a doctor to rule out urinary infection. Consult a doctor if even after age of 4 years child is wetting pants to rule out Urinary infection, bladder abnormalities like Vesico ureteral reflux and behavioral issues like BED-WETTING. Toilet training is not easy and child needs your support during this difficult phase to learn this new skill. This entry was posted in child growth and development, Toddlers and tagged best child care ghaziabad, best child doctor in ghaziabad, best pediatrician vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in vaishali, child specialist in vasundhara, developmental milestones, dr.

Recent Commentsrahulvarma on How long will this diarrhea (or loose motions) last in my child?sarjeet on How long will this diarrhea (or loose motions) last in my child?rahulvarma on Can my child have thyroid related problem at birth? While some parents think toddlers on cloth diapers can get off diapers sooner than their peers, it is not really so. According to doctors at Better Health Australia, children are generally around two years of age before they can recognise and respond to toileting signals such as a full bladder. Toilet or potty training is not a walk in the park; it requires constant watching and timing.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Most problems arise when we start too early or we want our baby to be trained before certain major event in our life. Some parents start as early as 13-14 months, while others wait till they are 2 to 3 years old. Our tikes can get fully potty trained with more ease and possibly faster, but physically it still takes time for their bladder to develop to the right stage. Premature toilet training will only frustrate you and upset your child because they can’t do what you ask of them. As a result, when their child shows signs of hesitancy, resistance or incompetence, they become frustrated and scold them.

Clear words and constantly same words to be used by everyone at home will make it easier for baby. If we try to put pressure on child it will only worsen the case and increase your frustration levels. When you are able to devote the time and energy necessary to encourage your child on a daily basis. Talk about being wet or dry and allow them to feel their pull-up (they can always wash their hands). And few accidents regarding Susu (Urine) and potty (Stool) once in a while should be dealt with patiently.
Also, when they have pooped, allow them to go with you to put the stool in the potty so they will learn where poop and pee pee goes.
Compassionate and encouraging attitude towards toddlers will help us better, than showing frustration and anger.

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