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One of the most common issues I've heard parents run into when their child is learning to use the potty is poop! It’s very easy to clean because it has a bowl with an adjustable handle in which I could easily remove to empty its contents.
I can also bring Graco Potty seat anywhere because it’s very light – it could fit inside the trunk.
This product is a great buy especially if you're just starting to potty train your child. Create a potty schedule for her, so that she knows at certain times throughout the day she needs to use the potty. Part of creating a schedule can be to use a potty chart that she checks off each time she goes.
You can use all of these or a combination of these to help teach your daughter to stop playing and go to the bathroom. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles!
You will need to take her to the potty, even if she says she does not need to go, to make sure that she at least tries to go and there are no accidents and she is not holding her potty either. This is a great way to reward her for going, since she can see her progress, as well as keep her on track too. These can be set for different times throughout the day to go off and this will tell her it is time for her to use the bathroom as a reminder to go.

Though there is no noise, these are visual cues that when the sand runs out it is time for her to use the bathroom and than when she is done she turns it back over until the sand runs out again to go to the bathroom again. It will depend on what works best for her and what she responds to best when it comes to which method to use. There are stories of children holding their poop for days or waiting for a moment when the parents cave and put on a diaper on their bum. Let him down, knowing that as soon as he was free from the potty he'd go poop in his underwear. Once she gets into the habit of going and stopping what she is doing to go, it will start to come more naturally to her to do so.
You can use stickers on these to make it more fun and there are also dry erase ones as well so that the schedule can be changed as necessary for her.
These come in a variety of fun colors and she can watch and see when it is time for her to use the bathroom, as well as the alarm will go off. This can also be a great way to set a limit on how long she is playing for and then she knows it is time to stop what she is doing and use the bathroom and then she can go back to playing.
Some children find a hiding spot or wait for mom and dad to be really busy before taking the chance and sneaking a poop into their underwear. I worried this would continue for a long time, but a month later, he no longer needed my hugs for pooping.
I lived, everyone else had to learn.All this came to mind while I was reading an article today by Associated Press writer Leanne Italie on the coming of summer.

But you have to be consistent to take her at the same times every day so that she gets used to it and creates that habit. This is a great way to teach her to be responsible for going potty without you always having to tell her. It puts her in control a little more and teaches her to go, again making it a habit to use the bathroom. Your child will cheer and dance when it's time to pee in the potty, but pooping is a whole different story. I was thinking about going to barnes and noble and buying all the poop books I could find and then just sitting on the toilet with him but I like this so much better.
We’re talking about neither being in your pants, neither being on the floor, neither being in the car seat or the restaurant booth. My son is almost 4, a year and a half since I wrote this post, and I promise that I don't have to hug him all the time.
He normally tells us to look away or move back when it's time so I know that picking him up will start a battle. In the past he may have wanted to get down, but the hug held him in place until he could go.

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