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Send me email updates about messages I've received on the site and the latest news from The CafeMom Team. My son had some weird poop like that at first and then it leveled out as the yellow seedy stuff you would expect. If he is exclusively breastfed, id talk to an lactation consultant (dear god not the pedi!). Our muscovys were hand raised from a day old and were the most calm and affectionate of all the breeds we've raised. We have had our Toulouse , Dick, for nearly a year now, and he is by far the creature of greatest interest in the yard.
I have no idea what could be wrong, but I will pass along the link to the "poop chart" so you can reference it if you don't have it. It's a long hard battle - has taken up to 2 months to pull through completely, but it's worth it. It ranges from bright green to this dark orange dailyand is almost always just liquid and is sometimes stringy or mucousy and smells either like yeast or acidic or just rotten.
He is still two weeks away from his 2 month well baby check up so I thought I would try and find out if this was normal from some experienced ladies.

The one pooing like this I haven't figured out yet, there are 4 hens in the coop at this time. THE TYLAN 50 WAS ONLY 11 DOLLARS AND THE NEEDLES WAS 3 SO I SAVED MY SILKIES FOR UNDER 15$$$$$$$   WE DO WHAT WE GOTA DO SOMETIMES A VET WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT WE DO, THEY WILL GO TO THE INTERNET ! Seems like about every 6 months or so she does that too.  I have lost two hens to the 'bright green poo' and lethargic.
When i cut out coffee (i didnt drink it while pg, and after birth i started having a cup a day again) the occasional mucusy poos went away. She layed a really soft shelled egg, with some kind of yellow goo on it, and that was her last egg. I did think she had gotten into something and did wonder about ecoli as well on the other two, but I dont think so on MayMay. I cant afford a vet visit most of the time, and they have assured me that they would be pretty much doing the same thing for her. I found the "recipe" of yogurt, buttermilk, crushed pellets, plus VitE and VitB (topped with applesauce) which she did eat, though never much at one time. I also used baby parot mix from the pet store to keep extra nutrients in her and give her a boost.

Sorry for all the questions but i'm really trying to find an answer before all the 9 week old chicks might catch something. She just kind of sits in the middle of the yard, or lays down and stays there for an hour or so before she'll get up, walk around a bit, then sit back down. I fed everyone else and she didn't even move from where she was laying in the yard. It's not really clumped at all, its more like someone dropped green dye onto the pine shavings. She hasn't eaten anything from my hand, but my son said he's seen her eating food from the feeder. I don't have another coop to put her in, so I'm not sure how to seperate her, but I can figure something out if everyone else is going to get sick.

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