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Cocker Spaniel Peeing In The HouseBy: Pauline (Website Owner)Ita€™s very difficult to offer advice with so little information and not knowing your dog or your circumstances. Have there been any changes in the household recently that could be causing your dog distress or anxiety, such as the introduction of another pet, or person?Have you recently lost a pet?If you believe he may be reacting to changes in his environment, just give him a little time.
I suspect your dog is suffering from separation anxiety (and is perhaps 'protesting' at being left alone for so long!).
Cocker Spaniel Peeing In The HouseBy: Pauline (Website Owner)I think it's helpful to understand that once your dog pees in the house (even if you think you've really cleaned it up properly) your dog will still smell his urine in that spot. If you enjoyed this page, please click on the 'Like' button below and tell your friends about us.
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Aboutpictures images shichon, shihpoo, mal-shi, poochon , teddybear,shichon puppy families, Teddybear, shichon comments about their puppies, malshi family comments, You have . Try some of the recommendations listed in the article linked below and see what happens.If youa€™re out at work all day and hea€™s locked up in the house, he may be 'protesting' at being left alone. If hea€™s suddenly become destructive too, ie chewing or scratching, your cocker may be suffering from separation anxiety. If you think that may be the case, follow this link to learn more and what you can do about it. Could you ask a neighbor to pop in during the day and exercise him a little or play with him? I'd take them to the vet as soon as you can.If you give up on them, perhaps you shouldn't have any pets?
When you finish work, you could give him a proper walk. What about walking him before you go to work?

I'm willing to put up with the chewing and rambunctious behavior that I'm sure she'll outgrow. As well as the health benefits of regular exercise, walking and being outdoors will allow him to empty his bladder and bowels which could mean that he cana€™t (or won't need to) do this in your home. It may also tire him out and help him sleep while you're away.In the meanwhile, let's see what our visitors have to say! Since it is a smaller dog, he will need to be taken out more frequently and will require a gentle touch during the training period.

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