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Last month, we had some fun with the very cool Medieval Toilet Seat, but this month feast your eyes upon a toilet literally made for King, a true throne.
FeaturesComes in Wood (Massive Ash Tree) with Moustier Polychrome Decor, protected by three layers of polyurethane. Sage by heston blumenthal bes870bsuk barista express bean, Take advantage of our great prices and buy sage by heston blumenthal bes870bsuk barista express bean-to-cup coffee machine - black today at iwoot..
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The Herbeau Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne is simply the most magnificent toilet I've ever seen. It generally need only two people to finish the assembly work, and has good waterproof performance.
Not only is the "Dagobert" a functional toilet, but it comes with amenities that modern toilets would only dream of incorporating.
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This toilet is built from the wood of a massive ash tree, includes a candle holder, ashtray, armrests, a high-profile seat back and a bell to ring when you finish.

Superior Russia pine wood, SPF and spruce have been applied into manufacturing our prefab wooden houses to ensure its stability and durability.
Trust me, the peasants, er guests, will bow down in sheer awe of your new majestic toilet throne. After that we will stick the label on each of the timber which will help customers assemble the house according to the installation manual.

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