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Background: In the old days, when there were no disposable diapers, moms used wool diaper covers, which were warm, soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. I have ordered a couple of basic newborn diaper covers to use over the cotton prefolds, but another option that cloth diaperers seem to love are wool diaper covers.  But wow wool diaper covers can be expensive! To be honest, I felt that the cover would have worked great, but it was very small and hard to get on my baby! Each Imagine Cover features two layers of knit throughout, with extra stretch in the legs and waist for a snug and comfortable fit over the absorbent cloth diaper of your choice. Imagine Knit Wool Covers offer full coverage and are perfect for use with your favorite fitted diaper, prefolds, or flats. Sheepish Grinsa„? offers the highest quality of solid lanolin that is available on the market.
A day-time favorite knit wool cover, Underwoolies are a must-have cover for natural diapering. In early spring our 10 year old washing machine and dryer decided to breakdown at the same time.
Right around the same time our machines broke, I learned about the Flats and Handwashing Cloth Diaper Challenge through a local cloth diapering Facebook group I am active in. Cloth diaper without a functional washing machine, I did a bit of research and set out to attempt hand washing my cloth diapers.
My typical cloth diaper stash consists of a mixture of pockets (with bamboo inserts) prefolds, and fitteds. One of the most important reasons why I decided to use cloth diapers is the toxicity of disposable diapers.
In contrast to disposable diapers, you can find manufacturers who make cloth diapers of organic cotton. At first, I thought that changing cloth diapers would take too much of my time and it would be much easier to use disposable diapers.
When Noah finally potty trained about a month ago, I vowed to upgrade my cloth diaper stash. Since then I have been using pocket diapers without difficulty, but sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to stuff diapers. The Duo-Brite is a all in two diaper system that consists of a the bummis wrap (cover) and Duo Brite Inserts.
The Duo Wrap is constructed of waterproof, wipe clean PLU interior, with soft gussets for leak proof protection. Upon preparing the inserts for the first wear, they shrunk very little and maintained their softness. One lucky winner will receive a Duo-Brite Deluxe Pack which contains 1 wrap and three inserts. In my last Cloth Diaper Duty post, I shared my favorite cloth diapering tips for on the go.
I truly put my diaper bag to the test after the birth of my third son, since at the time I was cloth diapering two kids.
One reader will win a $25.00 gift card to Walmart, so you can stock your diaper bag for the summer! Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about cloth diapering is that they are harder to deal with, when you are away from your house for long periods of time. When I first started cloth diapering, I was using a small diaper bag, since Noah was already a toddler.

One lucky mama will win 1 package of WaterWipes and 1 package of WaterWipes sensitive makeup removal.
Because they are breathable yet absorbent, they are a wonderful nighttime cloth diapering option.
Determined to continue to cloth diaper, I researched my options and started handwashing my diapers when my diaper stash ran empty.
If you would have asked me ten years ago if I would consider cloth diapering I would have shook my head and stated “No way.”. After my first time handwashing, I realized if I was going to stick with this I needed to simplify my stash.
Receptacle to wash the diapers in- I use my utility sink in my laundry room, which works perfectly.
Rinse- Dump all your diapers into your washing bin and fill until there is about 1 inch of water above your diapers. Second Rinse- Drain the dirty water and fill the washing bin with the same amount of water and dump in your laundry detergent. Hot Wash- Drain the dirty water and then rinse each diaper off to get rid of the residual material that may be sitting on the top of the diaper. Dry- Wring each diaper out by squeezing it in a big bath towel to remove any excessive water.
I really did not pay attention to what disposable diapers are made from before I started researching in order to compare the advantages and the disadvantages of the both types of diapers. She is interested in practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life, and she likes sharing them with  others. When I first started cloth diapering Noah was 18 months, I purchased the majority of his diapers second hand through diaper swaps and online and craigslist. I love the idea of having a full stash of all-in-one diapers for this reason, yet they take a long time to line dry (and again the cost issue).
The inserts are double-sided that are sewn together in the middle only, allowing for faster drier time. I will need to supply the waterproof covers and clean them if they ever get dirty, which I am sure they won’t. It is supposed to actually be cleaner than plastic-y type covers because lanolin will naturally neutralize the ammonia in urine (meaning it needs to be washed less often that you would think). You will need to stretch the leg bands and waistband to fit the main diaper body so you get a snug fit. These Imagine Wool Diaper Covers are stretchy, breathable, absorbent, and naturally anti-microbial. In order to keep up with laundry, I typically put it at least one if not two loads of laundry a day. If someone told me even five years ago I would be hand washing cloth diapers, I would have told them they were certifiably insane.
Since my kids go to daycare, where flats or prefolds and covers are not acceptable, I opted to use pocket diapers stuffed with flour towel sacks and flannel receiving blankets. I added the cost of washing to the cost of cloth diapers and it turned out that even with this additional cost, cloth diapering is cheaper. I was using clothes and other baby things  such as baby blankets and swaddling bags made of organic cotton since the doctor told me it is highly recommended. Mother of one cute boy, proud owner of two Labradors and a cat, vegetarian for years, and in her spare time she is engaged in crafting, housekeeping, organizing family life and travel.

I told myself if cloth diapering worked out for me I would upgrade to new diapers gradually. I loved my one and only Bummis cover, because it fit Ryker’s tiny newborn bum so well. Both these options are very absorbent, easy to ring excess water out of, and dry very quickly in the sun. Drain the water and rinse the each diaper under running cool water to remove any residual soap.
For that money you can buy a new toy for your child, which I do regularly since I started using these diapers. Knowing all the disadvantages of disposable diapers, learning how to change a cloth diaper is not much to ask when it comes to the health of your baby.
In addition, disposable diapers have plastics inside them and you know that plastics is not compostable. It turns out I fell in love with cloth diapering and building my stash through online cloth diaper communities, that I never had the need to purchase new diapers.
When Ryker grew out of his newborn diapers, I transitioned him into part of Noah’s stash and purchased 10 more gently used pocket diapers from a friend. When I first started cloth diapering, I tried to use the same diaper bag I used for disposables, but it just didn’t work.
On the top if it, my baby was diagnosed with eczema not so long after birth and the doctor told us that there are no cure for this disorder.
You may think that organic cotton diapers are not durable and anti-bacterial, but they are. Before long my stash was tipping around 50 diapers, not including all the pre-fold and fitted diapers. Shortly after that I transitioned to another job, so new diapers were just not in the budget. After asking other cloth diapering moms for diaper bag recommendations, I finally settled on a Skip Hop Duo and couldn’t be happier with it! I hope to have some good thrift store finds in the future for sewing more wool diaper covers!
One advice: do not use bleach if you want to wash them at home and try making your own laudry detergent. It has many different pockets, a long shoulder strap, a outside pocket for my cell phone, and is very durable. But what about the baby clothes that get dirty from leaky disposable (and something horrifying called a ‘blow out’) and then washed?
Sewing wool diaper soakers from thrift store sweaters and downloadable patterns makes them so much more affordable! After the eczema, disposable diapers kept irritating my baby’s skin and I knew I had to change everything around him, so getting rid of the disposable diapers was the first thing on my list.

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