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This Disney Store Limited Edition Elsa costume will bring to life the mysterious Frozen Princess!
We’ve seemingly reached our saturation level as a country for all things Disney Frozen.
We watched Frozen at the theater when it was first released, and my daughter was smitten from the beginning.
I measured the sheer fabric, so it would wrap from hip-to-hip without covering the front of the dress. WelcomeOnce upon a time, I earned a journalism degree and had a short career working for a newspaper. Gary is a Disney nerd whose favorite animated movies are Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles and Frozen.
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Elegantly detailed with a bodice of shimmering ''icicles'' and a glamorous cape of snow to brighten the most wintry kingdom! You can’t resist Tweeting Jennifer Lee and the rest of the Frozen crew for little hints and tidbits. You learned Japanese specifically to understand what’s going on in the foreign trailer.
I did Elsa selfie camwhore with pale blonde wig to see how I would look as Elsa and yes, Elsa’s cosplay is on my list. I decided to take a long-sleeve, white t-shirt, which we already owned, and sew a skirt to the bottom. I wanted to add weight to the sheer material, so I wrapped the edges in shiny, silver duct tape. My 4-year-old wears this dress quite often.  It quenched her desire to emulate Elsa and has kept Frozen in the forefront of her imagination.

My daughter would play Frozen on a continual loop if her mother wasn’t so anti-screen time inclined. After weeks of hoping for the right Frozen Elsa dress to magically appear in the Target aisle, I caved and hit the fabric store. I measured around my daughter’s chest, added two inches, and cut the turquoise fabric to size. I pinned the fabric around the shirt, overlapping the sides in the back of the shirt so my daughter’s backside was covered.

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