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Our publishing business remains at the core of the Studio 100 proposition and focuses on delivering outstanding products across all the key brands for consumers of all ages. Studio 100 has its own publishing house where we create, design and produce content in a variety of ways from traditional hardback books to magazines and e-books. We are one of the leading publishers in the Benelux with a yearly release of an average of 120 books, selling more than 850.000 books a year.
Transferring our heroes to paper brings them to life yet again, living new adventures, and allowing our characters to get a prominent place on a child’s bookshelf for a very long time.
In the Benelux, the most popular characters also appear in the best-read newspapers and weekly magazines, so that children can enjoy daily fun games with their favourite heroes.
In recent years many of our traditional books have been digitalised and made available in the form of e-books, as well as interactive and into reading apps. Internationally, we have an extensive licensing programme, particularly for our global brands, where we either co-edit, co-publish or sell our artwork.
Eight years ago, IHI started thinking about a framework that would enable health care organizations to improve not only the quality and safety of care delivery, but also to improve health and wellbeing, and to reduce the costs associated with health care. At IHI, we wanted to take the lessons we learned in our work, and the lessons from our friends and partners, and leverage them to pursue the Triple Aim for everyone.
IHI contacted existing and new partners to form an initial guiding coalition, we convened more than 200 individuals and organizations for a multi-day meeting to launch this new movement. We are so proud of the role IHI has had the privilege to play in helping convene and launch 100 Million Healthier Lives. The Godfather of grime has reunited with Big Dada to release his seventh album, ‘100% Publishing’.
For now, ‘100%…’ casts off difficult coming-of-age themes and deals with an accomplished-but-I-want-more air. TOWNSEND -- On July 11, 1944, just more than a month after American and British troops first hit the beaches at Normandy, an explosion erupted near U.S. Howlett, who grew up in Townsend, was awarded the Purple Heart after sustaining that injury. On May 14, nine days after Howlett turned 100, the Townsend Veterans of Foreign Wars hosted a ceremony to pin a replacement medal on his chest, honoring his actions more than seven decades earlier.

Howlett was a medic embedded in a battalion of about 20 or 30 men during heavy fighting in Normandy, and while the details are blurry, he said it is likely that he saved some of their lives. Exactly how is nebulous -- Howlett and his son Michael say the veteran had them at least for a small amount of time, while Howlett's niece Jennie Funaiole, 78, thought he never even knew he received the Purple Heart. According to Jennie, Howlett's sister Lillis Funaiole (who was also Jennie's mother-in-law) had the Purple Heart for some time until her death in 1985. About five years ago -- more than two and a half decades after Jennie last saw the medal -- Jennie's great-granddaughter Devan asked Howlett about the "boo-boo" on his right arm. The VFW obtained a copy of Howlett's official DD-214 service record, which confirmed that he did indeed receive such medals. Howlett posed for photos in front of the Townsend VFW's plaque honoring World War II veterans, proudly bearing his Army cap and his new Purple Heart.
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This became the Triple Aim, and as we began to engage organizations in improving the experience of care, improving the health of a population, and reducing per capita costs, we realized that health care can only do so much.
We started with a metaphor – Escape Velocity – that described the need to break free of the gravitational pull of the status quo. These projects will all contribute to the overarching goal that is being shepherded by the 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative. And we are humbled by the spirit, the generosity, the passion, and the commitment the members of this movement are demonstrating each and every day.
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But he does remember shrapnel from that blast ripping into his right arm, and the final piece stayed in his arm until he returned home months later. But at some point, between moving houses and various deaths in the family, the medal went missing.

For that, he was awarded the Bronze Star, and for his injury, he was awarded the Purple Heart.
All three agree, however, that the medals were being passed among curious family members when they vanished. She searched and searched and searched for the Purple Heart with renewed vigor, but still had no success, so she contacted the Townsend VFW.
So Jackson purchased a new medal through the military, and he invited Howlett up for a ceremony.
In his friendly but reserved manner, he simply described himself as "very, very happy," and those close to him know exactly how much the gesture meant. Triple Aim has become a framework for us to think about addressing all the determinants of health. Essentially Wiley’s tracks are made up of the most minimal beats, but the way he cuts his vocals transforms them into something resounding that’ll have you inexplicably hooked. Just about every kind of hatwear is here, for everything from fun parties to formal occasions, for women and men, children and teens, infants and toddlers. Even today, as a springly 100-year-old who drives himself from Worcester to visit family in Townsend about once a week, he still bears a substantial scar. He also received the Purple Heart as well as a Good Conduct Medal and a European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal.
It is clear that doing so requires a broad collaboration that extends far beyond the walls of health care, and far beyond the walls of IHI. Then make a toasty ski cap, a hat for a ponytail, stocking cap, head warmer, little girl' flower cloche, little boy's baseball cap, Russian hat and muffueven Rapunzel's tresses or a sexy Cleopatra chapeau perfect for Halloween.
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