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I have found many 8 bit music makers, but they are all so complex that I can't figure them out.
They made "LoRen" the arm wearable device and searching system for troubles in the sea by using new wireless technology LoRa and Web application. I listened 8 finalist team's presentation and demo: smart home, bin, meter, bus, aggri, user interface and SOS.
I'm a evangelist of Open Data in Japan, Open Data helps you to create things from your idea!
Please connect a video cable to TV, attach a keyboard cable, and a microUSB cable as a power source.

I found a program I liked callded ORGtone, but the format is some Japanese file type that doesn't play on anything.
The game was made by a japenese guy and the American tribute sight has a translated version. Power-up a Background Beat, Underworld Bass, Sustain, and the Drum Kit to take your 8-bit style jamming to the next level! KEYTARI: 8-bit Music Maker will transform your Wii U GamePad into an 8-bit jamming machine! But to truly master KEYTARI, practice and experimentation will take you far – just like with a traditional musical instrument.

Most think the Score Board is just for fun… However, the sages speak of a hero from afar who will break past the maximum score of 9999 and thus beat KEYTARI.

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