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A dispatch from the front lines in France: Paul Gentilozzi blogs about getting ready for the main event this weekend. Remember the scene in the movie Le Mans when McQueen is in his 917, on the grid, waiting for the clock to strike four, his heart pounding like a jackhammer?
This coming Saturday, our JaguarRSR XKR GT2 will line-up on the Le Mans starting grid, ready to do battle in the world's greatest endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is such an important race, yet it is coming at a time when we're so early in the development of the XKR GT2. But in the four days we had, from the time the car arrived back in Michigan after the race, to being flown out to France, we were taking no chances.
Since arriving here on Saturday, we've spent this past weekend unpacking all those boxes and organizing the JaguarRSR garage on pit lane. For the next couple of days, myself and our two other drivers, Marc Goosens and Ryan Dalziel, will spend a lot of time on the computer, re-learning the track with the latest PS2 video games, watching in-car videos. This isn’t the first time Glenn Beck has said his blessed candidate was the representative image and embodiment of his lord and savior who has arrived to save the world.
I think Beck’s Magic Mormon Underwear is a bit too tight, seems to be squeezing his brains. Some are, but since there are far more Trump supporters than Cruz supporters on FR, I guess a few Trump nuts are to be expected. Some cutsey pie marking geek; back in the day; must have thought replacing ON OFF with 1 0 was a really modern thing to do! What Christ wants is a pro-life America, and he sent us a number of candidates who could have worked to get the job done, or at least put a dent in all of the killing. If Glen is touting Ted as the one to ‘lead us through the Rapture, Glen is expecting to be after it happens! One story follows the adventures of bicycle courier, and all around pretty boy, Paul (ZAC EFRON) as he takes the older Ingrid (MICHELLE PFEIFFER) around New York City to mark off her 2011 resolutions list, the first one she took care of by quitting her job from her obnoxious boss (JOHN LITHGOW in an uncredited cameo). Randy (ASHTON KUTCHER playing a different character from VD) hates New Year’s and all that it brings but he gets stuck in an elevator with the lovely Elise (LEA MICHELE) for hours. Griffin (SETH MEYERS) and Tess (JESSICA BIEL) are expecting their first child and compete with James (TIL SCHWEIGER) and Grace (SARAH PAULSON) to receive the $25,000 reward for having the first baby of the year. Laura (KATHERINE HEIGL) is a cook preparing for the biggest party of the night headlined by former flame, and star singer, Jensen (JON BON JOVI) who proposed marriage but sprinted away at the last minute a year before. Kim (SARAH JESSICA PARKER) is a divorced mother trying to deal with her teenage daughter (ABIGAIL BRESLIN), a straight arrow who wants to spend New Year’s with her school crush. Stan Harris (ROBERT DE NIRO) is a dying man refusing treatment and wants to spend his last hours watching the ball drop from the hospital roof, which his doctor (CARY ELWES) can’t allow, but in the meantime, receives comfort from Nurse Aimee (HALLE BERRY).
Sam (JOSH DUHAMEL) is a successful executive who needs to get to NYC for a big speech and to possibly meet the woman of his dreams he had met the year before, never getting her name and only a message to meet her there at the same spot at midnight. Finally, and probably the more central storyline if there was one, follows Claire (HILARY SWANK) on her debut as the executive in charge of the ball drop, receiving support from a NYPD officer (CHRIS “LUDACRIS” BRIDGES).
Sure, I could’ve spiced that summary up, but why set you up for disappointment considering how dull and uninspiring each one of them is.
BD-Live – Yep, a staple on any Blu-ray is a portal to… some random stuff from Warner.
Also included is a DVD Copy and it looks like a retail version containing both features (commentary and gag reel). The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track offers up a wide range from quieter dialogue-driven moments which sound crisp and clear to the musical numbers which shows off the track’s depth more. Let’s just say that listening to men talk about how they feel about light vs dark skinned women is almost as telling as listening to women talk about how they felt about being dark skinned. But hearing stories like the woman from Mississippi who basically said she figured nobody would want her because she was dark skinned actually hurt a little. I don’t think these documentaries change the world, but I do think that while women will be the ones watching these docs, men need to see things like Dark Girls as much if not more than women. I watched, and I must say, I was nervous, bracing myself for a slamming of all medium and light complexion women, but it was not that way at all.
I had this gal a bus stop say I shouldn’t be in this neighborhood at night as a white girl.
I don’t get claimed as black when (black) people first meet me because of my features moreso than my skin tone. Namely because we as a people have yet to figure out how to articulate our troubles without completely dismissing the issues of our peers <-!!!!!!!!!
If the attitudes persisting amongst the next generation is any indication, it’s going to be a troubling future. I see what comes out of their mouths these days and it seems as if they are speaking out of hurt moreso than preference.
One thing I can say is that a controversial topic like colorism is one of those where it’s going to take more than a simple discussion in order to get to the heart of the problem. I have noticed that a person of a darker hue is more likely to date outside of their race- or date someone lighter- due to past experiences in reference to their skin tone. I will say that being dark skinned is- and has been- a very sensitive spot for people of a darker shade. So, all in all I think Black men get blamed for showing more colorism and Black women seem to get away with it somehow.
Something I have noticed is that dark skinned Black men don’t really get any love from Black women unless they happen to be famous or powerful.

Yeah now, but it was a different story back in the days of El DeBarge, Christopher Williams and Al B. They may say they love dark skinned men, but count how many times the person they list that isn’t a famous or powerful person. Christopher Williams getting stabbed in the hand in New Jack set yella’ brothers back a couple decades. If I list all the dark skinned men I love that are not famous or powerful how would you know who I’m talking about? The concern for me is MOST people who undoubtedly have the right to their preferences and MOST who cheer on said right have no clue that said preference is often due in part to CONDITIONING. To make matters worse, when the immigrants of India, the Middle East and Asia come over to America, that’s when it becomes more problematic. I think colorism is an issue in any country or region where Whites have ruled non-White populations. I am going to say this and risking being lynched by a few of the VSSs but I don’t get all the hype about Idris Elba. If Idris ran up on any of us even the women saying he isn’t that cute, we would all become a puddle. I wish someone would invite me to these mass black women meetings where we discuss what the whole of us find attractive. Alexander Imich, an 111-year-old Polish immigrant and Soviet gulag survivor who lives in Manhattan, became the world's oldest living man last month when the previous record-holder, Arturo Licata, died just days before his 112th birthday. According to the Gerontology group, there are 66 living women older than Imich, including a Japanese woman, Misao Okawa, who is 116. O on Djokovic's early round matches may determine his chances of winning 2016 Roland Garros title. Well, my heart's pounding like that right now, writes Paul Gentilozzi, Principal Partner and Lead Driver with JaguarRSR. It's been 15 years since a Jaguar last competed here and 20 years since a Jaguar took the checkered flag.
Part of it is racing for 24 hours; part of it is the challenge of an eight-mile track and part of it is the incredible stresses that get put on components. Ted was supremely embarrassed by it and I’ll just be Beck was told to STOP IT afterwards. Come to think of it, he’s planning on Ted being left too, so perhaps Glen has found that proverbial acorn?
The writing is lazy, the interconnecting tissue between the ensemble is at best thin and just the overall plot never really had the proper flow; even Valentine’s Day seemed to have a more cohesive story.
If only I could put in mine to not see schmaltzy, unfunny romantic comedies, then that’d be awesome. The other problem, aside from the story issues, is the filmmakers’ didn’t even make an attempt to creatively bring some of these characters together and instead have more or less a tether stringing them. For romance it’s not exactly schmaltzy enough, for a drama it’s melodramatic given we’ve got a man on his deathbed (perhaps symbolic for De Niro’s career) and as a comedy, there’s not one damn thing funny or even charming. Obviously he never was a great director, he has helmed a few good flicks in the past including Pretty Woman, Nothing in Common, Overboard and even tearjerker, Beaches and yet he also has Exit to Eden, Georgia Rule and Valentine’s Day on his resume.
The trailers might’ve made this look like an acceptable romantic comedy but instead little about it really works. Inside, Warner has once again employed a flipper disc (as they did with A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas) and a slip with a code for the UltraViolet Digital Copy. I kind of prefer if he had someone else, say one of the 100 cast members, join him but for a solo track, it’s not bad, but nothing great either.
I had to snicker at the description on the back cover stating “Superstar rocker Jon Bon Jovi makes his highly anticipated return to film…” Um, who exactly was craving for his return? Nothing special but at least it looks like the actors are having a good time; also, some of these can be seen during the end credits. I wouldn’t call this a pulsating lossless track but still fairly impressive given the genre. It’s a documentary that explores the intricacies of being a dark skinned woman in America, from perception, reception, esteem, and opinion. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money.
I lived in that neighborhood and had to wonder if she needed her eyes checked because I am definately not white. That being said, at least in my home town, I believe that colorism was and will forever be a big deal.
But it was always a thing between black people… darker skinned black people and lighter-skinned black people. Dark and light skin both seem to go in and out of popularity amongst Black women, with regard to celebs anyway. Ironically, the ones doing the exclusion hate being excluded- even by the person they claimed they are NOT attracted to. All that is required is that you read what I wrote and understand it in the context of the conversation. And while we had issues with an alternator, mechanically we are much more comfortable than we've been all season. We've brought with us two spare 5.0-liter AJ-V8 engines, two complete sets of bodywork, two sets of virtually every component that goes in the car.

Sadly, Garry Marshall’s holiday follow-up from 2010’s Valentine’s Day (at best an average flick), New Year’s Eve is absolutely awful, holding no charm and doesn’t even try linking the variety of bland characters…or at least does it in the laziest fashion. For instance, it’s established early on that Paul (Efron) and Randy are best friends but this is merely done via phone conversations. New Year’s Eve is easily his worst film to date, offering little value beyond nice looking cinematography and travelogue of New York City.
The colors are vibrant without looking blown up and the detail level throughout are pretty impressive. Simply put, I hated, hated, HATED this movie and the only redeeming factor (and trust me, it’s thin), is that the cinematography looks good and it’s not nearly as awful compared with the other dreck I’ve seen in 2011. It’s an interesting documentary, mostly because of some of the absolute ridiculousness from the mouths of the some the menfolks that were interviewed. Many men, both non-sensical and, um, sensical, are directly responsible for the esteem of many women. Which totally sucks, but hey, if I’m gonna date you, sista girl, you definitely need to natural up that permed out natural. Even if they’re not shared unless somebody asks, they clearly do exist even if just behind closed doors. While it seems like of the women who are winning, they run the color gamut, maybe I’m not paying enough attention. It is a double edged sword given that you realize how inarticulate some folks can be about why they like what the like when they have to defend their choices. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Although there was a lot of cringing on my part when they interviewed the men…especially the young men. I didn’t know many biracial kids back then but nowadays there are TONS of biracial kids out there who will, of course, be fairer skinned.
I think that people assume that since rappers feature a certain type of women, that all Black men are attracted to those women too.
I’m talking about trends as far as what celebs are popular and how colorism seems to play a part in this. He and his second wife, Wela, a painter and psychotherapist, immigrated to Waterbury, Conn., in 1951. And I, like every man and woman on our team, desperately, desperately, wants to do well for Jaguar in its 75th anniversary year.
Another one, we find out Paul is in fact the younger brother of one of the other characters (got to keep something in this movie a surprise). I suppose Halle Berry’s character has some of that as she talks with her husband (played by Common, losing even more credibility in his brief appearance) over the Internet as he’s serving overseas.
Black levels are also nice to look at showing no signs of flaws like pixilation or artifacting.
While it is self-esteem, aka esteem of your motherloving self, at the end of the day, many of us do tie our esteem into how we are perceived. I do know that I seem to come across a lot of women who very strong and don’t seem to be constrained to any particular limits.
But I do appreciate attempts to talk about these issues in our community because if our girls are hurting, they will turn into women who are hurting and our community definitely rests in the hands of our women who will be raising the boys into men of tomorrow. I don’t know how or if that will affect the way that the next generation looks at it. Jesse Jackson and a Chicago family are calling for an independent investigation after a Chicago man died in police custody last week. He said he believes that now is that time, and people like Lee and Cruz will save it.He also said the Book of Mormon was created as a guide on how to protect freedom in our day. I am embarrassed for Ted, frankly (even though he his my second choice).His wife and father said nuttier things. This is a problem because one of the few things that make these ensemble movies run is seeing how they are connected to one another; hell, I think Valentine’s Day did a better job at, comparatively speaking of course.
I know its not my own cross to bear nor am I trying to be the patron saint of Black woman self-esteem, but it is a shame that a woman could remove herself from the potential for a happy future of that sort because she knows that she is dark. But then I’ll hear stories from women where kids and men say and do some of THE most darndest things and I guess anything is possible.
Still, some women need to stop using colorism as an excuse for just being unattractive and I feel the bigger problem is that beauty is integral to a woman’s worth (self and otherwise) in society. Not to sound all objectional, but there’s just something beatiful about a dark skinned woman to me. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes was a gorgeous, flawless skinned dark skinned woman in Atlanta. As he was taken into custody, police say he became combative and even spat blood at officers.

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