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For many years, it was not a surprise during a custody battle when the mother succeeded in gaining legal and physical custody of the children, but this is changing. Assert your desire to have shared or full custody or significant visitation from the very beginning. This can be extremely helpful, especially if you're concerned that your ex will try to present a negative impression of your home life. In situations where you honestly believe your children would be unsafe with the other parent—for example, because he or she has a history of physical abuse—you should carefully document your interactions with your ex, as well as his or her interactions with your children. Some parents have actually lost child custody because they simply will not collaborate with the other parent. This only confuses the issue and may convince the court that you are more concerned with reducing payments than spending time with your child. If you are denied full-custody rights, it is important that you continue pursuing your rights. So I guess my question is what should I add or continue to do to get the best possible results? If you need to see a steady decline on your weight chart in order to stay motivated, consider weighing yourself once a month. Keep focused on a day to day basis but measure progress on a week to week or even month to month basis and you'll continually see a downward progress.
Do not presume that you will get your chance to voice your wish for regular contact later in the process.
If you have a healthy, loving relationship with your kids, an in-home evaluation can only help your case.

Be aware, though, that the other parent may feel the same way about you and may be preparing similar documentation for the courts.Also document situations where your ex will not allow you to see your children. Spend as much time with them as you can, and make sure that you're doing regular, everyday things—including homework and chores. It is critical to remember that while you may not like your ex, he or she is a part of your kids' lives, and you need to show the court that you're willing to work together. Make sure there's not even the suggestion that you're doing something that would put your kids at risk.
Also be sure not to involve your children in the divorce happenings unless the court requires it. If you are granted joint-custody rights, such a situation is a great stepping stone for pursuing full-custody in the future. I've been keeping my calorie intake at 1900 the past 4 days and working out an hour a day for the last four days as well. Having something that you can follow gives you more direction and will get you better results. You will almost certainly see some nudge downward in a month's time, even if you're not seeing it week to week.
Unless you have body composition goals, you really don't even need to look at workout plans. It is true that the perception that the mother will be the best parent is changing, but there still are biases out there.
A mother should encourage a strong relationship between the child and his or her father.Refusing to do so will not be favored by a judge.

Make sure you're there when you say you will be, so that your ex can't present a documented pattern to the court that reflects negatively on you.
As lifestyle conditions for both you and your former spouse change, it is possible that your case for custody grows stronger and warrants an appeal.
By obtaining support and making a valid argument as to why it is in the children's best interest, it is possible for a father to obtain child custody. You need to make sure you eat at a caloric deficit to lose weight, so you should probably focus on that and just log and eat back at least 50% of the exercise calories you are given. I believe some of that has to do with how fat cells empty but fill with water for awhile and then the water gets flushed and you see a big loss.
If you have always been a father who was involved in the daily activities of your children, then you are in good shape. You should take steps to show the court that you know how much care your child will require and are prepared to meet those needs.
I personally find the best results when I do straight cardio 3x wk and then weights 2x wk but everyone is different.
You'll see some people mention that their fat gets "squishy" when they aren't seeing a loss. I'm not following a specific workout plan, but I do a type of core workout before I go to the gym.

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