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If you want an amazing timepiece with excellent designs and reliable quality, then Jorg Gray is the name that you should be looking on the market. Another affordable yet so precious mena€™s watch that you should own is this marvelous assembly by Jorg Gray. Another stunning beauty from the brand is this watch that features a playful combination of colors.
With this highly fashionable and functional watch, you will never go out style during your casual and even formal nights out.
If you are looking for an exquisite ensemble that showcases elegance in simplicity then this watch is definitely for you to show off. If you are looking to buy a new watch and don’t want to end up spending huge amount, then you must take a look down below.
No matter if you are searching for leather, canvas, stainless steel or even a smartwatch, these watches are best with fairly impressive designs and costs much lesser than most branded watches out there. Rope Swing Zipline – NFL StadiumThis video was made possible by Panasonic, who hooked up the camera equipment, and Aerial Concepts.
We have been photographing premium wrist watches in a multitude of different ways in studios and on location. As soon as I heard, I played it cool, I did not gloat or boast or run back with my greedy hands outstretched, in fact I did not call or say anything about his offer.
Here are our top ten, even if you do not agree with us, our heavily researched list contains watches that are some of the finest examples of man’s quest for perfection, we feel that here are ten watches that will never fall out of desire completely.
When the japanese create something special (especially in steel) they do it with a certain style, often drawing on their glorious past as inspiration.
Something special about the people who choose this watch… they all seem relaxed in some secret knowledge that they are cool. We are the best photographers you can find anywhere : ) please try us for your photographic, video and website needs, we shoot watches, people and almost everything else.
I have read so many articles on the topic of watches and this is the only one that contains more than three of what I consider to be the very smartest looking mens watches ever made, in fact you have seven. All of these watches are beautiful but I thought I might suggest another that I saw on a watch forum. It is a great watch and looks expensive, bright and sharp… though personally i have to disagree, having both shot and worn it, I feel that this is one of those watches that looks a little better in photographs than in life. As for the Langes, it is in the eye of the beholder, to us (unanimously) the face and back look too fussy and the bold branding looks embarrassing on a ?50,000 watch. I myself intensely dislike the newer models Rolex, Omega and Panerai have been releasing over the recent years, but I still appreciate the handful of elegant designs in their history which fully deserve their classic status. As for the Lange, yes, they have some ridiculous designs, which is why I mentioned specific models.
I just stumbled upon your reviews and they are the best on the internet, in fact enjoyed the whole account and it showed an old pro photographer some interesting stuff. I love this list, I work in the watch biz and collect on the side and you have the best taste in the business. Greetings to you all,I have a problem with my wrist watch a Breitling it fail and broke can you help?I do not have any document for it. You completely put watch design in perspective, this is the best list of watches in the world. It has a simple black dial holding the luminous hands and hour markers, its chronograph functions and the date window between the 4 oa€™clock and 5 oa€™clock positions.
It features a black dial that beautifully embraces its white accents from the silver lined hour markers and the hands. You can wear it with style as it has an attractive assembly from its dial to its outer appearance. It expresses luxury at a very affordable price making it one of the best timepieces that you should lay your hands on.

Featuring a vertical textured white dial, this watch provides a simply yet neat arrangement of the sub dials on it.
Here are some amazing collections of best-looking mens watches, that maintains better sophisticated looks but doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars. Wrist watches have been with us a century now, there must be 5 million styles out there and some of them really do everything. This watch is not a super complex mechanical tour de force, it is just a simple tool to do a simple job, built as well as possible. But when I wore one out for the night after the shoot (the guys from the agency took us out and let us wear whatever we liked from the shoot) several people (girl friends and cool randoms) mentioned my beautiful watch, I guess it looks really really nice? It is a bit of an action man watch, but you rarely see it without a lot of tasteful other stuff, Maserati etc …. If you can, get one with the 564 movement…  just look at it and then look away and then look at it some more and the day will have passed.
About as well made as a thing can be, in a crazy way it is not bad value… considering what goes into producing one.
Nobody can argue that the 300m is a great watch, but the various incarnations are all in their individual ways never quite balanced in terms of looks.
Seems arbitrary to disqualify a model when judging the beauty of watch designs, just because it’s gotten popular and spawned a lot of knock-offs. To me, even the back of a Lange Datograph looks more attractive than any of your featured watches on this page and the dial is an exercise in harmonious symmetry . You have selected the most brilliant watches and they do not all cost $100k like every other watch top ten list i have ever seen. What makes this piece so attractive is its solid stainless steel case that has a rose gold tone paired with the brown strap which is made of Italian leather and has a crocodile pattern. It has incredible features which include a date function window along the 3 oa€™clock position. It has an exquisite grayish silver dial that is very attractive with its rode gold tone hands and hour markers. Its silver accents coming from the sub dials and the luminous hour markers and hands perfectly contrast that darker combination of colors of the dial.
Its gold tone hands and hour markers are also simple yet stunning to look at through the crystal clear mineral window that protects that face of the watch as well.
It features a square black dial with contrasting white accents from the chronograph sub dials, hands and hour markers. Cherrrrchiiiiiiiiiiing – he sold ?137,000 more watches from just one shop in the first week after publication and the images going into the windows. I left it about two months, almost like I wanted to prove him a liar, but all the time I was slowly getting more and more interested in watches I could not afford, until the day felt right and I just happened to be passing with a freind who loves watches (really loves).
I still think what I took home, is my humble opinion, it is one of the best looking watches of all time…. Honestly it has had one result in my opinion: all that choice has helped and the aesthetics reach every point on the looks compass, in a hundred years watch design has have time to settle down and reach a kind of perfection. Each and every night, people who work in the watch business dream of having one of these on their wrist. The early version is very diver oriented, and the face is slightly ruined by the huge triangle at the top of the dial they always look a little out of place outside a divers wrist, the later ones are beautiful but we agreed the case curves too steeply towards the winder, and slightly spoils the harmony of the watch. The fact that a Daytona gets copied a lot is a testament to its handsome design which has remained highly desirable since its inception. The Submariner, specifically, may well be the most copied watch by the fake-makers from what I see. Definitely their watches are something that you could show off for a very affordable price. You will truly be walking with ride with this timepiece as it has case and bezel design that is absolutely masculine to look at.

This chronograph watch also features a functional tachymeter and a date window right at the 6 oa€™clock position. This watch is all the more masculine looking with its black ensemble from the case, bezel and to the patterned black strap. You can wear this watch with stunning style with its attractive gold tone case and black silicone strap that absolutely blended well. The sales had stayed at a high level and his nearby competitors were doing a fair bit worse so it was now or never…. If Russian oligarchs had good taste (of their own), aaa condition examples of these would go on ebay for $20,000.
Omega designed the 300m to be iconic as it was a technical masterpiece, to keep it recognisable and individual they spoiled it’s finite beauty at least enough to keep it out of our top ten. They’re in a different league than the other brands mentioned here and their pricing reflects that fact.
This watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters making it an exceptional watch to use even if you are swimming or snorkeling. This chronograph watch also feature a date window at the 3:00 spot of the face, which you can clearly view through the sapphire crystal window. This watch has striking rose gold tone case that matches well with its brown colored leather straps. If you are looking for the best watches for men, this is definitely a head turner that you deserve to own.
Its special features including a date function at the 3 oa€™clock position and water resistant function makes for a highly reliable timepiece. Luckily the girls here at photography-factory all like to wear mens watches from time to time, so we had a full house when it came to our long and passionate best watch discussions…. I was not sold on it myself until i saw one, then I knew why so many people had told me this was the best looking watch they had ever seen.
It is like a truly handsome man with a biggish nose, maybe as just as attractive to women, but when you look at side on photographs, you find your self thinking, what if he did’nt have that nose. The Grand Seiko GS, the Tag and one of my absolute favorites…the Pan Luminor 1950 8 day. What makes this watch all the more worthy of your attention is its sapphire window that provides sturdy protection for the dial. Its stainless steel bezel has black markers that capture your attention gracefully as it complements that black leather strap of the timepiece. This is one of those watches that you will surely choose to wear for your very special occasions and one that does not let you go out of style. This is the kind of watch you would be really proud of having and be confident enough to show off.
The tall owner was talking to a very well dressed client across a table of glittering bling, he stopped talking and smiled a big big smile, he looked 100% happy to see me. He stood up and gave me a massive handshake and then though about it and gave me a big hug too, and slowly without a word, pointed to the huge security safe on the back wall of the shop. People who own this watch, do not usually own another top quality watch, they generally will not be swayed to another model in a couple of years, they buy this watch to buy once, they and the GS seem to have great loyalty to each other- a rare quality in our era of fashion. This watch was built to continue to serve you for as long as the current technology allows, the designers were impervious to the concepts of changing style for no reason and built in redundancy.
All in all we took about 2 hours in that shop and looked at almost everything half way decent trying to choose a single watch from about ?20,000,000 worth of stock, it was not easy.

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