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Sales motivation is meant to help sales people be more driven toward achieving success in their task of increasing the sales of a company.
Robert Louis Stevenson came up with a very apt sales motivational quote in that he said that all of us live by selling something or the other. Henry Ford too has an amazingly apt sales motivational quote in that he says that the person that pays your wages is not your employer but the customer and in fact you should not consider the manager to be anything more than a good manager of money.
Another one of the better sales motivational quotes, Brian Tracy came up with the thought that people should consider them to be the best resource that clients should make use of. Even Jimi Hendrix, the guitar virtuoso came up with excellent sales motivational quotes in that he said that “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”. When it concerns motivating sales people there are a few important elements that you should learn about in order to get the desired results. Timothy Jay Rolle, General Manager of A Cleaner World, has worked for ACW for 12 years and manages a drycleaningA plant in Apex, as well as three drop stores in Chapel Hill. In other words, provide the consumer information necessary to evaluate their care options prior to purchase and provide the consumer and cleaner with a method of cleaning that has proven to be successful.
Were it not for DLI and its predecessor organizations a€“ IFI, NID, AIL a€“ the EPA would have outlawed the use of Perc many years ago before there were viable alternatives and OSHA would have established a PEL for Perc that was unattainable without replacing existing equipment.
Were it not for NCALC, the private laundry and drycleaning industry in North Carolina would have been destroyed by competition from the NC Prison Enterprises Laundries, in the early 1970s and 1990s, utilizing prison labor and facilities (i.e. Were it not for NCALC, you would not have the protection of the best-funded and reasonably-priced drycleaning solvent cleanup program in the country. Your national and state associations, DLI and NCALC, are in many ways like your insurance policies.
If youa€™ve never been a member, we need you to join, If youa€™ve let your membership lapse, we need you to rejoin now. Beginning with this issue of Carolina Clean, we welcomeA A a new Associate Member of NCALC and a new column to our newsletter. He also served as an expert witness on behalf of facility operators at sites impacted by industrial activities and to promote technical and litigation support services.
Since EnviroForensics & Policy Find (they locate old insurance policies) is located in Indiana and works primarily in states that do not have a state-led cleanup program, some of the issues discussed in the articles may not directly apply in North Carolina. At the annual conference of TCATA [National Allied Trades Association] in Park City, Utah, in August, KEVIN LAWSON, Tri-State Laundry Equipment Company, was elected to serve a second two-year term on the Board of Directors. Congratulations to GRANDPA JIM HILKER on the birth of twin girls to his daughter Kristen on September 9th. He had been told by his attorney to look for that part of the policy that addressed damage to the property of others. His attorney had explained that in his state, as in most states, it took policies issued before 1986 to pay for environmental investigations. Digging around in the attic, he succeeded in finding one collection of old policies, but these policies dated only to the late 1990a€™s. Working backwards from the earliest insurance policy, the insurance archeologist was able to discover that another insurance agency had purchased the defunct agencya€™s book of business prior to closing.
The insurance archeologist provided a specimen policy issued by the same insurance carrier to a different dry cleaner in his state from the 1985 policy period.
Using the premium notices and specimen policy together, the drycleanera€™s attorney was able to file a claim with the insurance company.
David Oa€™Neill has more than 17 years of experience in claims recovery on behalf of corporate policyholders involving environmental property dam age and toxic tort and asbestos exposure claims. I recall he said, now when you get to the hotel, go to the bar and look for the tall, gray-haired guy with the big hat. All the above were listed along with Education & Training, Technical Assistance, Trade Shows, and Friendships. Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner gave his "rah-rah" speech last week at the Worldwide Partner Conference, where he bashed Microsoft competitors Apple, Google, VMware and Oracle.
Unfortunately, the ability to be a good sales person is not something that we are born with – but is something that needs to be developed. In fact, it would be safe to say that every profession requires having the ability to sell and the better are your selling skills the more you will succeed in life. It is the customer that buys the product or services that you are selling and this money is what helps to pay your wages.
As everyone knows, the customer is the king in any business and so as a sales person you need to develop you to be a counselor, adviser and mentor who can help clients and so win their trust and so generate more sales.
So, to understand what your client needs you need to be a good listener and less of a talker. Factors like the atmosphere at the workplace are important in getting your sales team all geed up and should be understood. Timothy has all three DLI certifications and achieved the Certified Garment Care Professional Designation, CGCP. NOTE: They are not required to run any tests on the garment to verify this belief and there is no specific penalty if they are wrong. But manufacturers and importers dona€™t like it because testing the serviceability of a product adds to the cost of production, the price of the item. Although there are 25,000 to 30,000 of us out there, we only have strength when we speak with one voice through our state and national associations. In both cases, these decisions would have been based on faulty information and assumptions. If you needA A to pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually instead of annually, that can be arranged. The DLI Board is required to study the dues annually and have requested this increase due to increased costs of operations and their decision to not have an increase last year.A A Although some viewed the increase as necessary due to inflationary factors, others felt it untimely because of economic constraints. However, your Representatives at the Joint States meeting in November will definitely voice the concerns of all! He explained that he had no idea before visiting an attorney that these old expired insurance policies could be of any use to him.
The landlord, a strip mall owner, had been refinancing and the bank required that he conduct a simple environmental audit that had included soil sampling. The law in his state required that a€?the pollutera€? remove the pollution or at least reimburse the landlord if he had to have it done. This was because the later policies contained pollution exclusions that the courts in his state recognized as barring coverage for Perc spills.

Telephoning the insurance agent identified on the policies, the dry cleaner found that that insurance agency was no longer in business. Contacting that insurance agency, the archeologist found that old policy files no longer existed, but that the agent would permit him to review his old accounting files. This policy had a pollution exclusion on it but that exclusion, the attorney advised, was not a bar to coverage as longA A as the Pere releases had not been intentional, and had been sudden and accidental. The company stepped in to defend the dry cleaner, paid his attorney fees and paid the landlorda€™s environmental experts. He is an accomplished insurance archeologist with extensive experience in locating and retrieving insurance coverage evidence on behalf of potentially responsible parties responding to environmental investigation and remediation demands. It is said that power corrupts, but more often than not, it is a corrupted individual who is attracted to power.A A It is a feeling of inferiority, sometimes called a Napoleon Complex, that drives someone to control other people and to micro-manage their surroundings. The Microsoft Global Experience (MGX) is the company's annual sales meeting for about 10,000 selected employees and a few outside guests. Attendees are being careful about what they tweet, knowing many of us are watching the #MGX hashtag. We now know Hewlett Packard hasn't dropped plans for its Windows 7 slate (but Asus has dropped its plans for a Windows Embedded Compact one).
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It is therefore a good idea to find and then read some very truly inspirational sales motivational quotes that will provide you with a welcome shot of motivation meant to make you a better sales person. The ability to listen with lots of empathy and having the will to help is what makes you a good sales person; not, the ability to convince a client.
Care labels like a€?Dryclean Onlya€? or a€?Professionally Drycleana€? drive customers to our stores.
Manufacturers and importers love the current rule because it allows them to promote home care (cost savings) although it may not produce the best result (drycleaning vs. And penalties for mislabeling or failure to verify the care method prescribed would decrease profits. Their proposal in the early 1990s was to provide personal laundry and drycleaning services to all state and county employees a€“ teachers, law enforcement, health department, legislators, etc, etc a€“ at a price we could not have competed with. Unlike insurance policies that dona€™t protect you unless you pay the premiums, your national and state associations do their best to protect you whether you support them financially or not. But this is not the time to abandon the mother shipA A your state and national associations. Henshaw holds a professional registration in numerous states, serves as a client and technology manager on projects associated with site characterization, remedial design, remedial implementation and operation, and litigation support and insurance coverage matters.
Paying the landlorda€™s environmental experts was likely to be too great for the dry cleaner to handle.
Despairing, he reported his lack of success to the attorney, prepared to discuss bankruptcy instead of insurance recovery.
Sto and several more hanging out at the bar made Jan and I feel welcome and included in the activities.
Are you driven to share your gift of understanding in the endeavor of achieving a goal, or are you motivated by perquisites of position and the power you have over others? But already there have been a few interesting and amusing tweets (and pics) from the conference. Steve is the perfect opening keynote speaker to establish the tone for your sales kickoff or closing inspirational speaker to end your meeting on a high note.While many keynote speakers offer canned presentations of generic information, Steve Martin’s keynotes are completely customized to your unique sales situation and specific areas of need.
We, like you, are working longer and harder with less staff and resources, wearing multiple hats and struggling to do more with less to help and support our members.
Parts of the policy provided coverage against damage to his building, against break-ins, storm damage and even workers compensation coverage.
Rather, it was the part of the policy that covered his customers (the slip and fall coverage) that he was looking for. It was a new role he was going to have to get used to, however before this nightmare would be over. After years of operating a successful business, he had significant savings, but these ongoing costs could deplete that savings account in no time. To ensure topical relevance, pre-presentation interviews and background research is conducted to understand your market, product, and salespeople.Please click here to review Sample Presentation Topics and Keynote Pricing InformationSteve W. We need your support now, more than ever, to continue to do for you what you cannot do for yourself alone. His attorney had told him that that part of the old package policies could provide him the coverage he needed now to address the environmental contamination of his property from perchloroethylene (Perc) spills below ground that had occurred years earlier.
The cleanup would be expensive and the drycleaner was expected to take care of the bill because he was the one who had inadvertently put the Perc into the soil over the many years of his operation there. He may even need to consider bankruptcy unless he could find those insurance policies issued before 1986, and successfully file claims that would require his insurers to step in and defend him.
He suggested that the dry cleaner hire an insurance archeologist to see what insurance might be located elsewhere. Martin's Heavy Hitter Series of Books for Senior SalespeopleHow to Select A Sales Meeting ThemeWhen I was a vice president of sales, one of my key responsibilities was to ensure that our sales kickoff was a complete success.
Ask your attorney about how insurance archeology can help you locate the records you need to defend against environmental claims.
Because it was the only annual gathering of the entire worldwide sales force, I wanted everyone to leave the meeting trained on our new products, well-versed about the competition, and most importantly, re-energized to get back into the field and sell.After participating in more than one-hundred sales kickoffs as a keynoter speaker, I can now attest that the first step toward conducting a successful sales kickoff starts with choosing the right theme. When morale is high, you can be more creative and take bigger risks with the theme you choose.
For example, one of the best sales kickoffs I ever attended was based upon the theme of “A night at the Oscars.” In advance of the meeting, each of the sales regions created their own video about the average day in the life of a salesperson.
The videos were exceptionally well-done, full of side-splitting humor, and their ingenuity was inspirational.
Everyone loved watching them and a judging panel of company executives awarded Oscars to the best.Conversely, I wouldn’t recommend such an over-the-top theme during tough times. In this situation the theme should be more commonsensical like “Better, Stronger, Faster,” which provides a platform that meeting presenters can use to talk about changes and upcoming improvements.
If you are in the midst of a merger, pick a theme like “Winning Together” that promotes teamwork, or something like “The Power of Synergy” that emphasizes how the companies combined are greater than if they were separate.What is the Sales Mantra?The leader of every sales organization will typically have a clearly defined area of sales force improvement for the new year. It might be to close more seven figure deals, sell more of a certain product line, increase customer satisfaction, or to get the reps to consistently make their quarterly quotas.

Obviously, it makes sense to make this mantra the underpinnings of your sales kickoff theme.For example, one company wanted to focus their sales team on closing bigger deals. They selected a theme centered around baseball and used the tagline, “Swing for the Fences!” Throughout the meeting they showed movie clips of the greatest home run hitters of all time. At their awards dinner the vice president of sales presented inscribed baseball bats to the top sales performers.Should the Theme Focus on Your Arch-Rival? If you really want to rally the troops and concentrate the meeting’s focus, use a competitive theme that directly targets your arch-rival. For example, instead of an ambiguous theme like “In it to win it,” use the name of your competitor in the sales kickoff them like “BEAT ACME!” Remember, sometimes the most straight-forward theme is the best.Can the Presenters Dovetail to the Theme? The theme’s tagline is critical because it provides the centerpiece idea from which the meeting presenters can embellish upon.
Recently, I attended a meeting where the theme was “Reach for the Stars” with an accompanying graphic of a rocket heading into space.
Although it’s not necessarily a bad theme, it proved difficult for the presenters from the marketing, engineering, and customer support departments to incorporate into their presentations. A better space-related theme would have been “All Systems Go!” This would have enabled the presenters to delineate all the new products and improvement programs that were being launched in their area of the organization.5.
It’s very important that sales kickoff attendees are provided three types of meeting takeaways. First, all of the presentations and meeting information should be available online over the internet.
Don’t fall into the trap of associating the success of your meeting to the thickness of the materials you hand out. Second, you should provide some type of sales skills self-improvement takeaway (a copy of book on advance sales strategies for example). For example, “Swing for the Fences!” meeting attendees were given different colored company baseball hats and jerseys that designated which group they were part of for team-building exercises. Sales is the artful combination of structure and free thinking, process and people, and logic and emotions. Martin’s Heavy Hitter series of books for senior salespeople is based upon the marriage of the human nature of sales to the science of sales. Meeting planners will typically decorate the venue using a sports-related theme that revolves around baseball, teamwork, excellence, and winning. Most assuredly, your next annual sales conference will include the obligatory updates about products and the on-going marketing programs. However, there is a profound question that should be asked before the sales meeting agenda is created… “What do your salespeople truly want from your next sales meeting?”  Over the past couple of weeks alone I have interviewed a hundred top salespeople as part of my preparation for the keynote presentation I will give at their company’s sales kickoff.
Based upon these discussions, here’s what the Heavy Hitters want from their next sales meeting.The Latest, Greatest Sales Techniques. They understand the process of selling and they’re tired of hearing about what they mastered a long time ago. That’s why I recommend sessions on recent sales psychology studies, the human nature of group decision-making, and sales linguistics (the study of how the customer’s mind uses and interprets language).
These subjects are not only fascinating, but also contribute to the continued success and personal growth of senior salespeople.Renewed Mental Motivation. There’s a tremendous amount of doom and gloom compounded with anxious uncertainty out there.
This is a huge mistake because one of the most important aspects of every sales meeting is the care and feeding of the team’s mental health. Rather, it’s the reassurance of knowing that you are not alone in your struggles and a certain amount of commiseration among colleagues is actually healthy.
However, the reality is that not everyone is going to make their quota during this recession (and this includes some of your best salespeople too).
So, the goal should be to help defeat two of the salespeople’s’ worst enemies: depression and self-doubt.
Most importantly, it’s imperative that your executive leaderships’ state of the union presentations lay out the future strategy and plans to deal with these challenging times in calm, cool, realistic terms.Salesperson Success Stories. I strongly recommend that salespeople are interviewed  about their wins in a panel setting by an expert moderator. Most assuredly, there will be lots of sleepless nights for the people who have to choose the location, facilities, and make sure all the details are in place to ensure the sales kickoff is a success. Having keynoted over a hundred annual sales meetings of companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar giants, here are five ideas to help ensure your sales meeting is a success.
Sales Strategy is a comprehensive guide for penetrating new accounts, differentiating your solution during the sales cycle, and winning highly competitive accounts. It is based on extensive research and interviews with more than 1,000 key information technology decision makers, top technology salespeople, and vice presidents of sales.
The book provides state of the art technology sales strategies and advanced tactics for senior salespeople who want to learn the secrets of top performers.
Martin conducted extensive surveys with top-level sales leaders, midlevel sales managers, and salespeople. The resulting research, The Sales Organization Performance Study Report, provides detailed insights on the characteristics of high-performing sales organizations, quota analysis measurements, and key sales performance metrics.Seven hundred eighty-six sales professionals participated in the study by completing an extensive forty-two-part survey. The survey goal was to gather both qualitative information about the attributes of high-growth sales organizations and the associated quantifiable performance metrics. Participants were asked to share their opinions on their sales organization, their top sales challenges, and personal details about their own quota performance.
The best sales organizations have strong leaders who exercise control, monitor team performance, and establish internal processes that all team members must abide by. They hire talent of such high quality that it challenges the more tenured sales team members to continually perform at the highest level.
Learn MoreTAKE THE 2016 SALES PERSONA SURVEY AND RECEIVE 5 SALES RESEARCH REPORTSNoted sales researcher Steve W. Martin from the University of Southern California Marshall Business School would like to invite you to participate in a first-of-its-kind sales research project on the attributes, attitudes, and actions of salespeople, sales leaders, and pre-sales support engineers.

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