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When people ask me about the love compatibility between a Capricorn woman and Pisces man I always ask them the same question – What do you get when you take a solid female earth sign and pair her up with a solid water male sign? You’d be surprised at the combination but like we all know – there’s an old saying that says that opposites attract. The reason this is true is not because a positive and negative will somehow combine to something really nice. If both partners work with the relationship properly, both can become better people, not because they are using each other for therapy purposes, but because they can learn from each other. She looks at the world as a process where she needs to lay down material comforts from which she can base her emotional, spiritual, and other needs, for security.
In other words, in the Capricorn female mind (and male mind, for that matter), laying down a solid material base is crucial.
Of course, there’s a lot of negative things that can be said about this mindset and this approach to life always causes problems for matches between Capricorn and Taurus signs. The problem with this heavy level of emotional sensitivity is that every small thing can be an insult. The reason they need to do this is because they need to enclose themselves in an emotional cocoon because they are so soft and squishy inside.
As a Pisces man gets older and has gone through enough challenges, he will realize that this doesn’t have to be the way. If you’re a Pisces man and you want to impress a Capricorn woman, impress her with your style and your appreciation for art.
You have to understand that a materialist perspective doesn’t just end with how much money you have in the bank. It asks questions like how cultured are you, how many books have you read, and how familiar are you with philosophy, art, and culture? Of course, the downside to this is that she often looks at it from a purely decorative perspective.
Regardless, if you want to impress a Capricorn woman, impress her with your style and appreciation for art. If you are a Capricorn woman reading this, one key secret to Capricorn woman and Pisces man love compatibility is that the Pisces man appreciates detail. When it comes to matters of love, the Capricorn woman and Pisces man can be a winning combination. The Capricorn drive to succeed plus the Pisces emotional depth can lead to better results for both partners. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. The association between a Capricorn male and Pisces female ranks high on the compatibility scales as both the partners respect and admire each other. The combination of a Pisces female and Capricorn male is like a blooming flower, always happy and fresh. Capricorn man feels strongly connected with his Pisces lady whom he finds extremely beautiful and attractive.
Capricorn male doesn’t take too long to marry the sophisticated and feminine Pisces female who surrenders herself completely in his love. You may find her secretive but this kind of behavior is the result of your cold behavior towards her. Pisces male and Capricorn female are bonded with unconditional love and wonderful understanding. Pisces man is a caring and supportive partner who knows how to win the heart of a Capricorn lady by finding her warm heart underneath her cold personality.
The sexual relationship between a Capricorn woman and Pisces man is an effortless and harmonious bond.
Marriage between a Pisces man and Capricorn woman brings stability to their relation, something which is the most essential thing for her.
She is quite traditional and demands her man to behave well and always act like a gentleman. You must make sure that you don’t make your Capricorn girl feel uncomfortable and insecure because of your dreamy nature. You need to be patient with her as she will take her time to become comfortable and expressive.
If you wondering whether a match between a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman is a compatible one, then here's what you need to do.
Love is complex and when you put horoscopes, zodiac signs, and compatibility in the mix, things can get even more complicated.
Couples all around the world, whether their relationship works or fails, have their share of indifferences and contrasts. Now, if you are a Capricorn man and have recently started dating this woman, wouldn't you want to know about each of you as a couple? A Capricorn is very down to earth, ambitious, practical thinker, driven, has patience, very self-disciplined and overall responsible. Challenging themselves is what this man would seek, but due to the sometimes pessimistic nature, he may fear the idea of failing.
All these personality traits mixed together brings us to an important element about this man, work is very important to him as he won't look at it lightly.
A Capricorn man is very romantic and emotional, but sometimes suppresses his emotions and feelings. She is ultra-feminine, extremely attractive, romantic as ever, very caring, highly creative, intuitive and gets hurt easily. This zodiac symbol of two fish moving in opposite directions represents the conflicts of desires in flesh and spirit.
Now comes the part where we bring both the zodiac signs together and talk about whether or not their relationship can sustain peacefully and romantically. Overall, the comparability in their lives will bring a considerable amount of balance for one another. While the Pisces tend to be very deep and they would let their need for emotional authenticity defeat them, the Scorpio tends to look the world in emotional terms and can be very unforgiving when the Scorpio is slighted. Unfortunately, the Scorpio man, at least the immature and undeveloped Scorpio man, doesn’t get this. A Capricorn woman can be a stabilizing force in his life because she brings emotional stability. The Capricorn woman, on the other hand, plans and acts so that a material base of comfort can be built and other needs can be met through that solid platform.
This is why, generally speaking, Scorpio men don’t have much difficulty finding women to go to bed with. One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to Capricorn woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is that the Capricorn woman can benefit from this.
A full, meaningful, and fulfilling life involves full development on all aspects of our being. This, of course, involves sex, and Capricorn women just tend to focus on one aspect of existence and they tend to have the personality that matches that of a Scorpio. You have to understand, the Capricorn woman is so focused on her goals that it’s very easy for her to step on the toes of her Scorpio man. A Capricorn woman can actually benefit from this explosion because she can learn to be more diplomatic. It’s just a question of both sides being polished enough to learn and accept the lessons that they need to learn.
This special compatibility report looks specifically at the match between the Capricorn woman and Libra man in love.

So many of you have requested that I do this report on these two signs I have spent a good deal on time preparing this.
What do you get when you match a woman who is very driven and goal-oriented with a guy who can’t seem to make up his mind?
What do you get when you pair somebody that is stereotypically very lazy and loves to procrastinate with a woman who basically measures her day in 15-minute intervals? I’m not saying that money should drive your relationship, but money should be a tool that helps you get certain components that make your relationship much more enriching and emotionally fulfilling for all parties involved. The typical Libra man is caught on the fence and unable to make a decision because this person is always weighing things up.
The Libra is always considering, always analyzing, always trying to keep the can down the road and get more information.
Many emotional purists, such as the Aquarius man, really don’t get this about the Capricorn woman. On the other hand, you’ll find a very driven Capricorn woman who seems to be so driven that she is able to block people of and come off as superficial and materialistic. If left at this level, it doesn’t take a genius to see that any relationship based on these personalities and directions will lead nowhere. There are many quick changes to the Capricorn woman mindset and the Libra man mindset that may lead to lesser disaster or avoiding disaster outright.
If you put these two factors together, this can be the foundation for a very mutually rewarding and mutually fulfilling relationship that the Libra man can get the push that he needs to achieve the success that he is capable of achieving in life.
The Capricorn woman, on the other hand, would know enough information and enough considerations in life so that she doesn’t have to worry about the future and try to fix that worry and anxiety about the future by gaining material things. Of course, as the Capricorn becomes more developed and matures, this changes, but the underlying baseline doesn’t change.
The Pisces is very good at reading people’s emotions and working with people’s emotional signals. They feel that they need to be nice to everybody, to massage everybody’s ego, and to give everybody the positive emotional support and encouragement so that they can build this cocoon. He can become more thick-skinned and more emotionally mature and balanced, and focus more on emotional depth and authenticity.
Being petty and being overly emotionally sensitive is not the same as being emotionally authentic. A materialist perspective doesn’t just end with how fancy your degrees are, and how well-respected you are in your field.
In other words, a person should strive to be cultured, not because of the deep and emotionally and personally rewarding experiences in becoming a really cultures person, but because everybody respects that, or at least people that matter respect that. Pisces men don’t have any difficulties doing this, because they tend to be very emotional, and there is a lot of emotion in culture.
Capricorn woman and Pisces man love compatibility is not just possible but actually very doable.
More importantly, there is an opportunity for a hybrid relationship here, where the weaknesses of the Capricorn personality can be supplemented by the strengths of the Pisces personality, and vice versa. This can also help mellow each other out and also become soul mates, because you are a soul mate with somebody when you complete that person. They are able to strike perfect frequency with their understanding and enjoy a harmonious life. It is an effortless and smooth association which evolves out of mutual attraction and passion. As the Water and Earth elements begin to combine, a beautifully charming and gratifying bond of love comes into existence. So if you are wondering whether an easier, less complex way to know if a Capricorn man is right for a Pisces woman, then you need to read the rest of the article. Of course, in life, there can never be only "take" where you keep on expecting things from the other person and not happen to "give" anything in return. Known as one of the dreamers of all the zodiac signs, this woman is spiritual, mysterious, idealistic, emotional, and imaginative by nature. There is always a battle between her self-indulgence and self-denial, while balancing both the forces, a very difficult task.
Sentimental, selfless and caring, she puts her loved ones before herself and rarely becomes angry.
Capricorn helps keep Pisces grounded, while Pisces provides a different, romantic outlook towards Capricorn's practical ways.
The great excitement that is so often seen between these couples is because the Scorpio man is a very romantic and sexually adept lover.
So what happens when you mix a very materialist female with a highly emotional, and often vindictive, sign?
They can be really driven and motivated if there is some sort of emotional payoff—normally revenge, proving other people wrong, sticking it to somebody, putting it in somebody’s face, or some sort of intense emotional payoff.
They have this aura that basically focuses on sexual intensity, and they also tend to be good at it. There is a physical component, and that’s pleasurable and everything, but there is also an emotional component that defines it and makes it very fulfilling and rewarding. It’s important to of course develop our higher faculties, like spirituality, our personal philosophy, our ability to help others and make the world a better place. The first few times, the Scorpio would probably let this pass; however, if it happens too frequently, doubts will start to appear, and bad seeds can be planted. The Scorpio man, on the other hand, can also learn from this experience, because he can learn to be more forgiving. Sure, at the beginning you are driven more by emotions and sex, problem is as you get older and as your needs change and as your world changes and more importantly as you emotionally mature love, passion, sex, fantasies just aren’t going to cut it.
In other words, as long as you have enough information to make a truly informed decision you have to rely on faith to carry you through. As a result, they feel that all they need to do to make a decision is just to keep gathering information.
However, the good news is that as we participate in life and as we live our life, our life changes us. The big irony is that the Pisces often thinks that he is already being emotionally authentic. However, if you have an eye for detail and you can pick out certain details and lay it out and explain it clearly, he would be impressed.
They enjoy each other’s company and share a beautiful understanding which makes them truly compatible.
She respects and adores him for his amazing qualities and the way he makes her feel special. They share a wonderful level of understanding which helps them accept each other’s differences without any complain. Though in the start, the Capricorn lady is shy but with time she learns to come out of her inhibitions and is able to express her love to her Pisces man. Because two individuals, whether they belong to the same zodiac sign or different ones, will be a lot different than one another. Nothing can get in the way of their plans and ambitions, plus, they don't like to take any shortcuts or cheat during the process.
When considering his public image, this man will always cherish his respect, recognition and praise about himself.
She can sense and feel things which others sometimes tend to overlook or miss, which can be applied in different fields, such as a creative artist, emotional healer, or an astute business woman.
Some Pisces women are attracted towards drama, art or fantasy, a mean used to escape from the daily life, its reality and any disappointments.

She's extremely loyal and generally benefits from a strong partner who is protective, caring, and optimistic himself.
As long as both partners are ready to accept and appreciate each others' characteristics, traits and individuality, their compatibility will be harmonious and sustain for a long time.
There’s a lot of truth to this, but the truth doesn’t lie in technique; it doesn’t lie in interest, it doesn’t lie in research.
The person can be driven by a grudge, or some sort of slight in the past, or some past hurt. This is one key aspect of Capricorn woman and Scorpio man love compatibility that can lead to great things for the relationship. They’re good at it not so much in terms of physical technique, although it’s there, but it’s more of the emotional component of sex. It can often lead to Capricorn woman and Libra man relationships that actually lead to something very mutually fulfilling and rewarding. It’s not that they are holding off on pulling the trigger or getting off the fence because things aren’t perfect.
On the one hand, you find the Libra who finds it very hard to commit and once he commits, finds it’s very easy to “un-commit”. However, if you’re fully aware of the different tendencies of these horoscope signs, Capricorn woman and Libra man love compatibility can be a success. However, if you focus on a hybrid combination, you combine your strengths and you fix each other’s weaknesses. At an immature level, the Pisces is very sensitive as to what people do to him, but he’s not so sensitive when it comes down to things he does to other people.
Unfortunately, in the mind of the Pisces man (and the Pisces woman, for that matter) they are one and the same. Pisces man puts in all his efforts to ensure that his lady feels comfortable in his company.
However, when we talk about two different people, falling in love and wanting a relationship, their individual horoscopes should blend into one, making a "soul connection". Now since we are specifically talking about a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman, the only thing comes to mind - these zodiac signs possess the nature of two river banks which can never meet, a relationship between them is sure to blossom.
He loves to laugh in bed, appreciates a good sense of humor, is an adventurous lover, playful in bed and loves to help around the house or otherwise.
While the man is determined, stays strong and supports his partner, this woman's delicate and vulnerable self will be protected.
It’s not uncommon for a Scorpio man to just plan out his life and live his life based on something that happened in the past that wasn’t fully resolved. This is one level of immaturity that can complicate Capricorn woman and Pisces man love compatibility. When Capricorn man blends with his Pisces female, they are able to explore and reach the highest levels of love making. They have different ways of expressing love but their love and understanding helps them lead a wonderful life. Whenever he fails or falls down, she is always there to help him stand again and begin the fight. She has a practical approach in every aspect of life with compels her to always put her brains first. But, before we can talk about how compatible a Capricorn man is with a Pisces woman, why not understand what each of the individuals are made of, what are their personality and traits and then understand their deeper connection. To understand their compatibility in detail, let's break them down into individual zodiac signs, learn them separately, and then together as a couple. Due to their patience, they value steady progress as compared to short or sudden fluctuations of activity. He can make her feel secure and provide the right kind of sustenance she always searches for. Different horoscope signs tend to have different values and this is the values of the Capricorn in general. Whether that relationship or union works out or not, all depends on the links of the two different zodiac signs. Also, bad news doesn't do much to alter or change their mood, as they rarely tend to hold it to set themselves back. He will only do so when he feels that you, your traits and lifestyle are compatible with his. Even though he is not expressively romantic, he will always stay loyal to her and with time, she can teach him how he can easily vocalize himself romantically. She feels his control over her body and he enjoys the touch of her tender skin again his body.
And once she knows that he is her man, her expressions become as direct as her personality. The woman on the other hand, will prove to be a good wife, never dominating or suppressing him. He is always there to protect his lady and learns to overlook the negative aspects of her personality. Some signs find deep links together with ease, while some have to work for it and some zodiac signs can never make it work together. He will put all his power to make any situation work and put all his efforts into it, only if his partner is ready to do so as well. Of course, the efforts we put in has a lot to say about who we are as a person, and can sometimes, define how our love life will work. She craves for him and he responds to her desires with his passionate love and intense emotions. He is able to express his intense and deep love to his lady with his actions which makes her feel complete. So keep in mind, whether you are a Capricorn or a Pisces, the only way you can make things work is by giving it your best.
She takes care of his family and is always around her man to help him achieve his goals and become a successful man. When they are in bed, they are able to deal with all the tough times with ease and reach to wonderful solutions. Their association is blessed with different shades of romance, passion and understanding which keep getting intense with the passage of time. It is now that the couple enjoys a wonderful sex life as both partners have something intense to give to their association thereby creating a harmonious relationship.
They enjoy each other’s company thoroughly and don’t need anything else to feel the love in the air.
They enjoy a completely satisfying sexual relationship which leads to complete gratification. The duo doesn’t need to make any kind of extra efforts to make their marriage work as there is a beautiful understanding which keeps them going. I do love him and find our sexual preferences and episodes are AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME ETC… lol our personalities are similar and we both have much to offer the relationship.

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