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Here is a 20 minute version, with background music, of a passionate message on our motivation to worship God. Our dedicated divorce lawyers know the rights and protections built into North Carolina's laws. Other reported statistics show that alcohol and drug abuse only exacerbated domestic violence incidents. Alcohol and drug abuse by violent men ranges from 52 to 85% – rates that are three times those of nonviolent men.
Alcohol and drug abuse increase the likelihood of domestic violence; not only during periods of intoxication, but also during periods of sobriety. Surprisingly, rape committed by an offender under the influence of alcohol or drugs is lower than other acts of domestic violence. I consider myself fortunate.  For all their faults I had two parents who loved me when I was growing up and were not addicted to any substance. In fact, alcoholism as far as I know is not a genetic thing on my side of the family, so I must have “caught” it from the postman!
My husband’s mother died from alcoholism, and sadly it seems my husband’s brother is an alcoholic too.  He has 3 children. I felt at ease the minute I arrived, and we chatted easily for 3 hours, I could have stayed longer. I am not accepting all the blame here, but the poor guy has been reliving his teenage years of an alcoholic in the house THROUGH ME!  I felt and still do feel sick at the thought. So, funnily enough (except it hasn’t been funny at all, more like shear hell!), we have both had to learn different ways to confront our demons and change our behavior to make the relationship work.
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They are more likely to attack partners sexually, and are more likely to be violent outside the home than non-substance abusers. Are they more argumentative, withdrawn or likely to “lash out” at you for no particular reason? I was teary at times (hid it well), as she has known my husband a lot longer than I have.  She knows all too well the crap he had to deal with in looking after his alcoholic mother, while his two other brothers AND HIS FATHER pissed off and left him to it. This is what we have learned in therapy.  Unwittingly, you partner with someone, who in a sick, warped kind of way, is often a mirror image of your wounded Self from childhood (simply put in non-therapist flash lingo). If you manage to hang in there, you can learn to grow yourself within the relationship and deal with the demons that have been lurking forever.
I won’t tolerate appeasing and deceit.  And he won’t tolerate me hiding in a bottle and becoming reactive and spiky. By: Steve Castleman It takes courage to break through denial and begin to consider getting professional help.
Updates and more discussion on this topic please join our FaceBook Group by clicking on image below. Individuals that decide to drive the road to recovery encounter may detours and obstacles that can sidetrack their recovery. Other Relevant Article – Click Here  You Should Join to learn about the best digital marketing for the drug and alcohol vertical?
Other Relevant Article – Click Here Updates and more discussion on this topic please join our FaceBook Group by clicking on image below. You have to know what each mean in order to clearly make out that very fine line between the two. Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) reports that violent men are more likely to abuse alcohol than nonviolent men. Sky Toxicology, Frontier Toxicology, numerous other labs, treatment centers and individual owners AND DOES 1-150. I’m more costly than diamonds, more costly than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. Let's talk about codependency first.Background on Codependency"The concept of codependence was first developed in relation to alcohol and other substance abuse addictions. In fact, approximately 75% of all spousal domestic violence victims – and 66 % of those involved in non-marital relationships – reported that an offender’s behavior involved alcohol abuse.

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It also often involves putting ones needs at a lower priority than others while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others."4. 16:1-6)--Abraham displays codependent behavior in giving in to the need of Sarah rather than trusting and resting in God's promise.
And he gave in (excessive compliance) when Sarah wanted to falsely punish Hagar._Jacob, Leah, and Rachel (Gen. He loved Rachel so much he served double the amount (14yrs) just for her hand in marriage; which is the start of his codependent behavior. God, in turn, opened Leah's womb because Jacob loved Rachel and not her, and she gave birth to Jacob's first handful of children. This leads Rachel, who was barren, to give her maid-servant to Jacob to have her (Rachel's) kids, all out of jealously of Leah.
Immediately after her time of mourning--which in those days was anywhere from 7days to 30days--for her dead husband, David marries her and sleeps with her again. Immediately after her time of mourning--7 to 30days--(and time of cleansing, which is 7days) for her dead child, David sleeps with her to "comfort her".
Jesus, not our spouse or others).ConclusionBiblical submission is not duped, easily mislead, willfully blind to the reality of the sin and problems in the relationship, or lacking in administering effective consequences like someone who is codependent.
Thus, as long as our submission is unto Christ and not primarily unto another, regardless to the relationships coming and going and starting and ending it will not treat us like a puppet (being pulled to and fro) because we're submissive unto Jesus first. It's either you are codependent or you are submissive.What I've shared, I'm sharing from experience and education.
After my fall and all throughout my restoration, I've become (and daily work on staying) submissive unto Jesus first and foremost. This I share to help liberate someone else that may be codependent, ignorant about codependency, ignorant about submission, or just needs to hear the truth about this struggle so to not fall into it.

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