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Alissa and Lorien’s conversation starters have been a big hit at our house for the past few months. Conversation starters are not only a great way to get the kids talking, they are also a great way to learn about each other.
Paying attention (and maybe even jotting down a few notes after dinner) might help you understand your kids a little better.
Jillian (3 Posts)Besides a love for her kids (and well just kids in general) Jillian has a degree in Early Childhood Education and 10 years experience as a preschool teacher. Many of these questions require more knowledge and life experience than the questions for children.   Some of these questions are the same as what you will find in the children’s version. Each set contains 270 questions plus 30 blanks on which you may write your own questions and add them to your jar. You will have access to your questions quickly as they will be delivered to you via email in both Word and PDF format. Use your questions at the dinner table, campouts, family gatherings and reunions.  They make a perfect conversation starter. Start today and engage yourself in a conversation with your family and friends.  You will really get to know some fun facts about the people you love! 10 conversation starters for talking to your child about physical education Guest Blog Post Sarah Gietschier-Hartman At the beginning of the school year my students run into the gym and enthusiastically ask, “Mrs. The post 10 conversation starters for talking to your child about physical education appeared first on Integrated Learning Strategies.
May 18, 2015 by Vicky Leave a Comment Pinterest Facebook Twitter Google+ Yummly Email Print StumbleUponThis is a sponsored post. So how do we engage with our kids to discuss their day at school?  We have put together a list of question ideas to ask ask your child after school.
What has been your most favorite activity this year (ask this at various points throughout the year)?
This couldn’t have come at a better time as communication is so important and school is starting soon! I remember my mom asking questions every day after school and I didn’t like it at all ?? Thanks for sharing great question ideas with us!

These are great conversation starters, with teens, tweens and even elementary school kids like my son, who can’t always articulate everything about his school day. I also have always tried to engage the children with good questions to entice a conversation about their day.
Great way of asking questions,its good that kids have a habit of telling how their day went,saves them from so many things and parents also know what is actually happening in their kids’ lives.
I have a 6 year old daughter in 1st grade and I ask her most of these questions already but I now include “Is everything OK in school? We did this every day after school with my mom and then again with my dad at dinner and it was always my favorite time with them because I knew I had their complete attention. As soon as we were through all of the conversation starters on that list the kids went crazy.
I’ve written up a months worth of family conversation starters with a very specific goal in mind. You might learn how they would react in a certain situation, what time of day they feel at their best and who they feel most comfortable confiding in. Drop the questions in an empty cookie jar or decorate a unique jar or tin for family, friends, and neighbors. G-H, what are we doing today?” We stop and have a quick class discussion about how physical education isn’t just about playing games.
From unique recipes to silly moments to crazy weeknights…it’s all Saucesome with the delicious help of Ragu® Sauce. If you are looking for play and learning activities for kids, kid friendly food, parenting tips and general family fun, you will find it at Mess For Less.
As a parent I want to make sure that my child knows that he can share all his adventures (and any problems) with me. I’ve definitely been struggling to get the info that I want out of my son every day after school! If you ever want to know what’s going on with your child and school, these questions are a no brainer. We talk with all our kids after school so we can make sure they are happy and secure in school and at home.

I want to cover some important topics and take the pressure off by mixing them in with some really fun, light conversations. Probe a little into the reason for your kid’s answer, but drop it if they seem resistant. With six year old twins and a five year old, sometimes dinner conversation can be a bit tricky. Most kids won’t just volunteer information about their day, especially if something troubling happened in the classroom or on the bus! I do agree that we need to keep the lines of communication open so that they feel comfortable not only sharing the good, fun stuff, but possibly things that upset them, or even just things they don’t understand. You might note that as something to come back to privately or find a new way to ask the question.
I understand this is not always possible for everyone because of work schedules and other commitments but even just weekend dinners together can have a positive effect on a family. It is the mealtime magic that occurs when you have good food, family and friends come together. The easiest way we have found to do this is by having dinner conversation starters at the ready. For our family it is the Pizza Friday tradition and the perfect blend of cheese and Ragu® sauce that make the ideal piece of pizza.
Ragu® has the Authentic Italian taste American family’s love and a variety of great tasting, quick and easy to make family favorite recipes. This might sound like a big chore, but I buy refrigerated pizza dough and add Ragu®, mozzarella and assorted toppings.
You learn things about each other you may not have known before and they are a great way to deepen connections. I have included some free printable Dinner Conversation Starter cards that you can use with your family.

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