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I had a lot of fun putting this together, I found everything at Walmart (and even some stuff on clearance- woohoo!) and I even created a set of printables that will be at the bottom of this post! All I did was print them out, cut around the edge and then run them through my Xyron to make them stickers. Let’s start with the basket construction, I love this little picnic style basket, I started by stuffing the bottom with grocery bags (you know we all have a bag of bags somewhere in the house- am I right?). Plus, the benefit of picking up KY Yours+Mine now is the additional date night that comes in the box. If you don’t happen to have one of those handy-dandy sticker makers, you can use the sheets of printable shipping labels. So I started with the KY couples lubricant and formed a whole date night in a basket from there.  Anyone getting this basket would be excited to receive it, though I may keep it for myself! Just click the picture, right click and chose “save” and then open up a word document, size for what you needed ( I just made it as big as possible for the page) and print!

I know that so many of us have our heads full of New Year’s resolutions, and one that I definitely need to put at the top of the list is making date night a priority with the hubby. I wanted dinner to be simple and cozy because while fancy dinners are great, the best date nights are the ones where the focus is time together, not time in the kitchen.
They could easily be cut and hot glued onto your items as well, except on the blanket, you might want to just tape that one. After the big things were placed, I started filling in with the bread, sauce, pasta, wine, wine glasses, candles, and KY Yours + Mine.
I removed the sauce label and added my own ribbon and label and repackaged the pasta into a mason jar wrapped the same way.
It is so easy to get caught up in everything and put date night on the back burner, but it is important for a marriage and even more so, for our sanity!
That’s right, dessert for this romantic meal is sweet and spicy all at the same time!

The bread came in a bag of 6 so I took out two and bagged them up with the same ribbon and added the label on the front.
That is why I am sharing a sweet little gift basket that you could make for your spouse or for  a friend that could use a break. This could kick off your New Year’s resolution OR it could be  fun idea to save until Valentines Day, the possibilities are endless! Also, a hint, I put the label on the back of the wine bottle so that the recipients could still check out what the type of wine under neath. I am telling you, your spouse our your bestie will both love receiving a basket like this and I am sure it is just the start to many date nights to come!!

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