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Other interesting things that you can do with your photos: convert photos to painting,  convert photos to text, convert photos to models, and convert photos to sketches. It presents you with a very simple interface which allows you to create avatar by means of the drag-and-drop feature. Your talking avatar can be used on your blog, social profile or for any purpose where you would like to present yourself such as presenting yourself as an online teacher for an online class. You can make use of the 3D avatar to guide your site’s visitor to take action such as subscribing for newsletters, adding a comment, download or purchase any product or service from your site, etc.
CeeVee is a online service to create smart Circulum Vitae (CV) and resume is few simple clicks.

The avatar created by using the free service, Voki, you can use them on your profiles, blogs, etc. Voki allows you to make talking avatar that can be used to interact with people on your site. It allows you to create avatar by means of wide range of characters like animals, anime, monsters, etc. You can do this by adding a recorded voice or just letting the avatar speak whatever you type in a message.
Create your speaking avatar through Voki and start interacting with your friends in your own voice.

It is a free web based service that allows you to chose and style every aspect of your resume CV. You can use them on your profile present on social networking websites and very soon it will be integrated in chat clients.

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