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Create a professional presentation quickly and affordably with editable layout files that include master slides, color themes, and photos and artwork for Microsoft PowerPoint. Choose from our extensive library of high-quality, affordably priced PowerPoint presentation templates.
We know that so many of you use programs like PowerPoint or Prezi because they have been around for a while, and it is what you know, but change is not always a bad thing, especially if that change can lead to presentations beyond your wildest imagination. This is perhaps the biggest presentation killer out there, but luckily it is something that is easily fixed if you have the right knowledge and tools.
Interestingly enough, the topic of your presentation is profoundly irrelevant when it comes to engagement factor.
Humor is something that is easy to incorporate into almost any presentation, and almost always does the trick in terms of catching an audience’s attention. Telling a story is another great way to make sure that your audience follows your presentation from beginning to end.
This is a huge problem in the presentation world, and the importance of design is something that is very often overlooked in terms of overall presentation creation. Pictures and visuals are always a great idea just remember to not overload your slide with too much visual stimuli.
I think that powtoon is funky and humorous, but lets face it, it just takes a long time;while prezi is more for presentations done by students for school and conferenses that usually the people want the information not the funkiness. Sure if you are presenting on the latest Hollywood scandal to rip through the headlines you won’t have to try as hard as someone who is presenting on tax policies to captivate an audience, but any subject can be made intriguing and interesting. One quick joke at the beginning of your presentation and you will have the audience in a feel good mood, ready and excited to hear whatever you have to say. Story telling is the perfect way to tie a presentation together, and if you add some personal elements it will allow your audience to really connect to the message you are trying to get across. A slideshow can literally stun an audience (in a good way) if it is designed well, and can ruin a presentation if it is not. Infographics and charts are all the rage now in terms of slideshow design so we highly recommend using them, and use colors that are visually appealing but not distracting.

First of all people process written information faster than auditory signals, so your audience will read all of your text before you even start explaining it, and then they will tune out… Not what you want.
In fact, it is for just those reasons (takes too long and is a bit less professional) that we have created our new presentation software, #Slides, that we hope to launch in just a few short weeks. It is also a great way for your audience to connect directly to you which is a huge advantage when you are presenting. With well designed slides you are able to tell a story effectively, and your message will be much more impacting and memorable. Also, we don’t want to feel overwhelmed when we see a presentation, and trying to process too much textual information, while simultaneous trying to listen to what you are saying, can be extremely distracting.
Before you start to create a PowerPoint presentation, define the objective of the presentation – what do you want your audience to know, understand, feel or do at the end of it? Let’s be honest, you want your audience to like you, so let them get to know you a bit.
They are plain, boring, and overused, and creative text boxes will not only look better, but won’t turn your audience off. Then you need to determine where your audience is starting from in terms of their knowledge, attitudes and relationship with you. Keep your slides clean and simpleAs we’ve mentioned above, slides should support the speaker and enhance the presentation, not distract the audience.
Make sure they are not too busy by keeping them uncomplicated and free from unnecessary additions such as graphics or text boxes. Slides should have plenty of white space – the less clutter you have on your slide, the more powerful the visual message will be.3. Colours and fontsWhen choosing a font, ensure that it is one that can be read from the back of the room you are presenting in; point sizes 24-32 are the minimum values but you could use a larger point size if the screen and room are particularly large.
You should use the same font set throughout your presentation, preferably a san-serif style, and don’t use more than two complementary fonts (for example Arial and Arial Bold).The use of colour can enhance your presentation by increasing and improving the retention of information.
There are a few basic principles to follow.Cool colours (blues, greens) work best as backgrounds as they appear to recede away from us.

Warm colours (reds, oranges) work best for foreground objects (such as text) as they make things look as if they are coming towards us. If presenting in a dark venue, a dark background with white or light text will work well, however if it is a light venue a white background with black or dark text will be more effective.You may wish to consider if any of your guests suffer from colour blindness.
Bullet points and textWhilst bullet points have their place, a slide filled with text, which you simply repeat, will not engage your audience. However some of the best slides might not have any text at all which brings us nicely on to tip five.5. Using visualsPictures, graphs and media clips are all great for helping you design a visual presentation.
They can be a great way to make a slide more interesting and engage your audience without necessarily needing any words.A representative photograph can be used in the place of text, with your narrative to support it. People focused images in particular help the audience to connect on a more emotional level. Avoid gimmicksAvoid the use of gimmicks such as sounds and complicated transitions between slides or if you do wish to use them keep them to a minimum.
It is also advisable to keep them simple – for example a simple ‘appear on click’ for bullet points is far better than having them ‘fly’ in.7. Ending the presentationYour presentation should always end with a call to action – what do you want the audience to do next to use the information you have given them?8. Check the flowThe slide sorter is a useful view of your presentation as it allows you to see the logical flow of your presentation.

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