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Yancey is a true leader in her community, serves her church ministries, and is enthusiastic to help people achieve anything and everything they desire! In this email interview with Arte of Presentation-Process, Yancey talks about her experience in creating presentations that tell a story and how they created their award-winning presentation. Presentation by Empowered Presentations, Presentation Design Firm – Honolulu, HIThe main point I would like to share with you is it that there are many distinctions between types of presentations. Our online presentations are developed with Empowered Presentations’ Explanistory™ structure.
To create an impacting presentation story line, your message needs to come from a higher purpose; not with strings attached intentions or in it for yourself way. Rule of thumb is no more than 3 or 4 points because most of us we cannot remember more than this so it is best to keep it simple and organized.
Yancey:  I have seen many presenters do a LIVE presentation in front of a group at a seminar then immediately upload it to any presentation sharing site online, social media platforms, and any and all of their portals they use to share their slides. If you want to set yourself apart, do not be like most presenters who have documents on slides.
We have very high-tech presentation we do for clients that think at first they need all the data on the slides, but then after consulting they realize that their presentation should be more like a story rather than data.
Even our clients that are doctors, engineers, investors, and so on, even though they are data-driven and numbers, they still use our style at EP because it is more engaging for the audience and their experience is way more impacting and memorable than using data slides.
We provided all the information and tools to our clients that they do need if they decide to use data on their slides; we simply create a separate document style presentation that they email or print out. Arte:   So then, how do you differentiate a presentation when you create Live Presentations for your clients?
One of clients, Carmine Gallo, author of Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Power of Foursquare, had created a LIVE presentation. A lot of the content was missing because Carmine is an excellent communicator and doesn’t need all the TEXT on the slides.

My best advice here would be take time to find the right picture that goes with the content.
Arte:  Do you consciously work towards having presentations with a noticeably different look and feel?
Yancey:  At EP, we have a brand that we live by and all of our presentations match that brand. Can you run us through the process you use to come up with the story line especially for your popular ‘Smoke’ Presentation? Allow the slides to tell the story for you since you are not presenting live with an audience. In my opinion, this is not purposeful and does not demonstrate the highest value to your audience.
Your audience doesn’t want to be bored with data on the slides, bullets, text they cannot read, and tacky clipart and animations, you can always have a separate print out that you can email or print with all the data you need to share. This document still isn’t very text heavy but is still not appropriate for actual slides. Every client and our own presentations will go through our step-by-step process, but they have different purposes, audiences, information, and much more so the outcomes will all be different. So, if he uploaded the LIVE presentation, hardly any text would be on the slides hindering the viewer to know what the presentation was about if it was stand alone without him speaking. Picking the perfect picture or graph is our most time consuming element in our design process. When possible and time permits, do not pick just the first picture you can find and most of all do not use symbolism.
In our Smoke presentation we wanted to design a story that would be impacting; not just about us or what we do.
Just remember to have fun with the development of the presentation story and make it simple enough that a 10 year old can understand it.

Your LIVE presentations should not have many words on the slides at all because you are going to say what the content is for each slide. Most of our clients’ presentations are VERY different from our own presentations because our clients are more for LIVE presentations.
We knew that the presentation we created for him that was for his LIVE presentation would not be effective as an upload virtual presentation because it was not self Explanistory™ and the audience wouldn’t understand what the presentation meant by simply viewing it online. Therefore, we created an entire different presentation story than his live presentation so he could effectively communicate it all over the world without him actually having to be there to deliver it. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so if the meaning of your words does not match your pictures, then your entire message can be misinterpreted. If you do not have a design eye or the time, I recommend to hire out photographers and graphic designers.
We recommend that anyone should have a matching brand or theme so people can recognize who they are. It helps the team be creative, learn from each other, have fun, and design an organized process that is helpful in the next step in development.
Your ONLINE presentation needs to have SOME words so your audience can run through the slides like a story in a book. This presentation received over 186,000 views on Slideshare already and it was only uploaded in Oct 2011.
It is the greatest feeling when you get a call or email saying I know you must have done the person’s presentation that I just saw at this event because it felt like an EP presentation.

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