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On this page you'll find lots of different kinds of Valentines cards so it should be quite possible for you to find at least one, perhaps two, perhaps three or perhaps even more great cards that fit your taste. Even though Valentine's Day today is celebrated in the joyful spirit of love and affection the ancient history of that day is of quite a different nature. According to legends, Valentine was an unfortunate priest in Rome who ended up being executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II in 269 AD (more on this story in a bit). Now, there are a few tales about Valentine of Rome that might (only might) shed some light on the origin of the celebration of Valentine's Day. There are many myths and unanswered questions when it comes to unravelling the connection between the celebration of love on Valentine's Day and the sacrifice of St. Unfortunately his role as secret 'love binder' was discovered and he was sentenced to death for disobedience of the Emperor. Perhaps Making February 14 a Day for Love Birds Was all a Due to a Big MisinterpretationBesides the hazy St.
Geoffrey Chaucer (a famous English poet of the Middle Ages) is probably the first person to set love and Valentine's Day in the same sentence or verse.
Now most people though that he was referring to February 14th (Valentine's Day) but it is most likely that he referred to May 2, as this was not only the wedding day for King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia but also the saints' day for Valentine of Genoa. Besides, February 14th is thought to be a little bit too early, even for desperately lovesick birds to begin mating in the cold winter struck Britain. While we thoroughly wish you to enjoy this collection, we do require that you only use them for private purposes only. Cute couple of children sitting on a fence surrounded by flowers and a big bee flying against a blue sky. Beautiful old Vintage card with a small angel looking out through a window in a red heart that is pierced by a big arrow.

Decorative photo of a silhouette of a young couple hugging at the beach during a romantic orange sunset. Picture of cute little boy in white shirt and red pants holding a heart locket with a portrait of a young woman. Old drawing of boy wearing a cape and hat adorned with lots of red hearts and holding a Valentine letter in his hand. Old drawing of young gild in pink dress and young in seaman's costume walking together under an umbrella. Simple Valentine drawing of woman holding a big key trying insert it into the keyhole of a big red heart. Big Free Valentines Cards Collection, Wonderful Valentine Pictures and Love Poems for Valentines Day.
Free Printable Valentine Cards, Beautiful Valentines Day Pictures & Inspirational Valentine Poems. Beautiful Valentine Pictures, Sweet Valentines Day Pictures and Charming Valentines Day Poems. Creative Valentine Ideas and Happy Valentines Day Projects for Desperate Need-to-Be-Romantic-for-a-Day Men. Romantic Valentines Day Ideas and Creative Valentine Ideas to Spoil and Surprise Your Girlfriend.
Sweet Valentine Poems and Romantic Valentines Day Poems for You to Use in Your Valentine Cards. Hilarious and Funny Valentine Poems and Cute Silly Valentines Day Poems to Add New Spice to Your Valentine Card. Valentines!Apparently, there is a very high frequency of heroic Valentines to have been executed in the past after which they attained sainthood because of their noble death sacrifice.

This Valentine (a bishop in Terni, approximately 197 AD) was also to have been killed as a result of an Emperor's (Emperor Aurelian) actions or persecutions. It seems that Emperor Claudius thought that women and children too big a distraction for the potential soldier. And the person at the receiving end was possibly the jailor's very own daughter who he supposedly had healed.
Valentine legends, there is one more possibility that might explain the relationship between love and Valentine's Day. The girl is sitting inside the house reading a book waiting for the boy to arrive with his red Valentine gift.
The little girl with braids and long blond hair has received two pink roses from the boy sitting by her side. At the top flies two white doves, one carrying a Valentine letter, the other carrying another arrow. Historians have really been pulling out their hair in sheer frustration as the link is still quite foggy: What has St. However, Priest Valentine obviously thought this to be a silly law and decided to matters into his own hands. A small cupid is helping firing up the romantic ambience with his arrow pointing at the girl.

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