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Rockstar hints upcoming DLC will introduce high end toys for gamers to spend their hard-earned Heist money. IN PHOTO: A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five" is show in a Game Stop gaming story in Encinitas, California September 17, 2013. It was in 2013 when "Grand Theft Auto V" was first released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and its domination continues until today as its fans are still waiting for its update.
The "GTA 5" upgrade would have a single player and multiplayer modes casino, reported  iDigital Times. However, it was still in March 2015 when the hearsays started to emerge about the upcoming update.
Unfortunately, no one from the game developers confirmed the news yet, but the speculations have been going on for quite awhile now. Evidently, Online Casino Reports noted Rockstar, the game developer, would create an astounding "gambling environment" by bringing virtual casino that would make players hooked with the game again. Also, it was seen that the casino building in "GTA" has a banner that displays "Coming Soon" since it was out.
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In fact, there are swirling rumours that the much-awaited Casino DLC development will be out on the first half of 2016. It has been said that it could have other games, like slots, horse race betting, roulette and even a lottery system.

In fact, just earlier week, a "GTA 5" tipster Funmw2 shared another assumption on GTA forums. In another thread, he said that the update will arrive in two GTA 5DLCs -- the Single Player and Multiplayer, as wrote above.
The latest addition would perfectly complete "GTA 5" as it has been known that the world of the mafia wouldn't be complete with that kind of industry.
If ever, the update will pursue, the upcoming development would bring gambling in HD that will resemble the real thing. Potential ‘Twist’ Angers Fans A Game of Thrones fan theory on Reddit has the internet fuming today with anger.
Email * The month of May is more than halfway over but we have yet to receive a long-overdue GTA 5 DLC update.
Earlier this month, we've offered exhaustive speculated reports regarding the anticipated Casino DLC and High Rollers DLC information.
Unfortunately, we have yet to see a release date, and GTA Online leakers are reporting that the Zombies DLC and even an Army DLC may arrive before Heists.The biggest teaser on the upcoming "GTA 5" Zombies DLC was discovered in the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine. What's more, upgrades and customization options will also be offered for the three cars.First, the Tampa will offer unique upgrades including the hood, spoiler, exhaust, wheels, and roll-cage. According to the latest "Zombie" issue, Sony PS4 will offer titles including "Dead Island 2," "Resident Evil," "Dying Light," "H1Z1," "The Walking Dead," and the new "GTA 5" Zombies DLC.
As the issue focuses on PS4 titles, we expect the launch of the Zombies DLC to coincide with the "GTA 5" release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The roll-cage is enough evidence to suggest that the Tampa will be quite a fun car to drive.Next, the Detonator and Feroci will also receive customizable parts including the hood, spoiler, side-skirts, and exhaust.
Unfortunately, we don't have any details that can help us determine what sort of vehicles are the Detonator and Feroci.Despite the latest development, we still don't know when the rumored GTA 5 Casino DLC or GTA 5 High Rollers DLC will arrive.

While details on the "GTA 5" Zombies DLC is limited, we expect a thrilling GTA Online game modes that will put package the survival-horror genre into a grand open-map multiplayer experience.Next, we learn that "GTA 5" is slated to introduce a new Army DLC update very soon. That said, if past updates are any indication to what's in store, the Detonator, Tampa, and Feroci will most likely be available in the next upcoming GTA 5 update. The "GTA 5" Army DLC will feature new items including face paints, tattoos, dog tags, and more. Previously, game files discovered the Zentorno, Huntley, and Massacro, which were available in the very next update.According to GTA 5 tipsters, new DLC car game files were previously leaked less than a week ahead of the official DLC release. Who is the 'surprising force' that will help Team Arrow, and how will the show get 'back to its roots' in Season 5? Given Rockstar Games' preference to time significant updates with holidays, we expect the "GTA 5" Army DLC to arrive very close to Veterans Day, which is on Nov.
11.The new "GTA 5" Army DLC is very similar to the Veteran DLC that we reported last month.
According to our Veteran DLC article, rumored vehicles in the next update will include the APC tank and the Hunter attack helicopter. In addition, the update will also deliver new weapons including the F12AL rifle and M225 large machine gun.

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