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With a curly-fro, and out of date baggy clothes, I found myself on a date without even knowing what a date was. You see, my parents thought that getting to go on playdates would help  me open up and make me, well… less awkward. Dressed in a very whimsical Sunday dress, peppered with pinks, blues, and greens, Hook sat on my couch with a hopeful look. Not wanting to disappoint dear old Mom, I made my way over to the couch and sat next to her. Immediately I felt a strange attraction to the young girl, she had a simple smile and sense of wisdom behind her eyes that made her seem much older than she actually was.My young palms began to sweat. Will she speak first and if she says something I don’t like, am I allowed to kick her in the shin?
I agreed to listen and she ushered me over to sit in front of her as she spun her yarn.She was right.
This shit is serious!Sans juice box, Hook continues as Pan gets into shape and finds the one thing that he needs: his happy thought. Happy thought procured, Pan is able to fly again and this is where I wish that movies were real.As she describes his happy thought and his first flight, I find myself itching to make this dream a reality.

When she utters her final word about Peter Pan coming back from Neverland and living in the real world and being a better dad, I find myself tearing up.
Not only do I need my juice box now, but now I want a hug from my dad.Hook left shortly after finishing her story, and I was left with this burning feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Are juice boxes unbecoming of a man in his mid-twenties?On the way home from work, I swung by my parents’ place to shoot the shit, only to find Hook as I found her the first time, sitting on the couch and wearing the same whimsical dress as before. I anticipated all of the joy that I had before: the joy of hearing an older Pan find himself and the search for the happy thought overcame me. Make me feel like a kid again.But this go around, I found myself having a hard time getting into the story. So you’re telling me that Peter Pan willingly chose to stay in London and be adopted by an older Wendy Darling (Maggie Smith), but that over time he has forgotten his adventures in Neverland, forgotten how to fly or have an imagination, but Wendy has forgotten none of this!?Are you kidding me!? He just ran away from a hoard of pirates and now is on a fucking pirate ship and he is still trying to talk to these men, one of them being Capt. The reason is my friends is that while she is gorgeous, whimsical, and I am certainly able to get some chub going for her, I found myself ultimately thinking of the morning after. Why would the same director that gave us Jurassic Park choose the guy who did coked-out standup routines and Mork and Mindy as the fucking lead!

You’re telling me that you made that casting decision cause you knew that Williams was going to sell the child-like humor at the end?
How over the top his performance is, how his motivations for being a character are two dimensional, at best. You ultimate plan to defeating your foe once and for all, is to kidnap his children and Patty Hearst them? WHAT?The inanimate clock FUCKING EATS HIM?Now this would be when I’d  likely vomit out  the side of my car out just pure hatred for myself.
However, what’s given to us is a muddled mess of fantasy grounded in reality with no real solid connection of the two. 26476 San Jose, CA 95159(408) 844-4946 Our Affiliates Connect with:Your Social Media Account! 26476 San Jose, CA 95159 (408) 471-8875This number is for business calls only.You are visiting the Nerdonomy website.

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