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Your personal life is not incompatible with your professional life, and even less so on your smartphone, a device we use for almost everything these days.
Tinder is just one of the dozens of dating apps that have recently emerged, and the number of their users grows exponentially.
Additionally, an attacker could take control of a phone’s camera or microphone to access the user’s photographs or calls and gain knowledge of their professional activities, for example. IBM’s security experts also analyzed the devices used by employees of different organizations. Always apply the latest patches and updates to your apps and devices as soon as they become available.
Review app permissions before installing them and after any software upgrade or updates are made.
Plenty of Fish features almost everything other dating apps feature: the messaging, the profile making, the bookmarking, the chatting and everything else but Plenty of Fish makes them all for free. People use the same phone for work, social networking and even dating through apps like Tinder.
However, a report published by tech giant IBM shows that this could put personal user information and corporate data at risk. The company‘s experts concluded that 63 percent of all apps had security flaws and were vulnerable to hacking.
With this data, an attacker could track users’ movements and find out where they live, where they work, who they meet and where they spend their spare time.

Crooks could also install malware on the device, monitor the user’s activities or even spoof their identity, taking control of their account profiles and acting on their behalf. In this case, researchers found that for 50 percent of enterprises analyzed, employee-installed dating apps had access to professional data. Make your passwords complex enough to be secure and, as previously suggested on other occasions, change them regularly. Check the software’s conditions of use and if you think the app is not trusted, simply uninstall it. Consequently, any criminal that could access any of these applications would be able to obtain not only personal user information but also corporate data. In an attempt to give users peace of mind, IAC (the parent company of Tinder, Match and OKCupid) promptly denied that any of its apps could be exploited in any of these ways. You can always leave your phone aside and turn to more traditional methods to find your ‘special one’. Two-on-two is still slightly awkward, but three-on-three is the magic number," says Paredes.Alongside expats, Hong Kongers now make up 50 percent of Grouvly's users. Plenty of Fish is a dating app for the iPhone and Android that, unlike many of the major dating apps out there, Plenty of Fish is free! You can pick places to meet with your potential date, you can text chat, check out images and more.
In Singapore, most users are locals and there are plans to roll out the service to Japan, South Korea, Australia and China."For me, if somebody else likes the guy, they can have them," says Aly, a 24-year-old blogger from the UK and Grouvly regular."Ok, they're nice, but I've met them for what, two hours?

There are no hidden costs or tricks here; you can chat, message, wink and do everything you ever do in other dating apps for the cost of none.
Both iPhone and Android have had update problems, with notifications not notifying and the app not working after updates.
Fortunately, we live in the fast-paced, mobile age where you can meet anyone, anywhere, just by using your phone. More than ever, today's dating services are relying on technology mixed with people's desire for instant gratification.
In fact, a recent study has shown that individuals are using dating apps more rapidly than any other kind of app available, including games, news and entertainment [source: Rao]. Whether you're looking for serious dating, a casual encounter or just a bar-hopping buddy, there are many services to choose from (and no more excuses that it's tough to meet people). But by how much it is rising, we are not sure yet," Ng says."People think they are a sign of promiscuity. Here are five of the most popular dating apps that you can download to your phone in about as much time as it takes you to read this sentence. They worry that they get into intimacy too early, without sufficient time for knowing each other.

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