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I was searching through an online dating website the other day and I came across a number of profiles that all sounded the same. 1) If a woman says nothing about herself, a man has nothing to go off of to create an interesting original email with. 2) Its true the woman has mentioned three things (travel, her dog and shopping) but then she proceeds to say she wants something original.
3) The only description the woman have given herself is a sentence long, therefore the only other thing a man can do is talk about physical components.A  Remember he has absolutely no idea who you are.

2) They want a man that has a lot of personality, which essentially means they want more then they are capable of giving.
If you have a had time writing about yourself, than get together with a single friend and write their profile while they write yours.A  They may even make you sound better, then you see yourself. A  All he knows is what you write about yourself other then a few highly filtered washed out instagram photos. If you want to attract a creative, intelligent, thoughtful man, then you need to provide the bait that will attractive that kind of man.A  This means being more creative and thoughtful in your online profile descriptions.

Whatever you do, do not write a one line description and then complain that you only receive one liner emails describing how hot you are.

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