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Going forward, you will receive a 10% points rebate on any easyJet flight booking made with Nectar points.  The only condition is that you have shopped in Sainsbury in the 12 weeks prior to making the booking.
Filed Under: General About Head for PointsWe help business and leisure travellers maximise their Avios, frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points.
A ?11, sorry, An ?11 surcharge makes redeeming Nectar points for easyJet uncompetitive for me. The ?11 booking fee is cancelled out, as the flight prices on the Nectar site and cheaper than on EasyJet directly.
I did not realise, this, I saw the ?11 booking fee and decided that killed that option for me.
You’ll notice that if you search for one person then search for 2 people, the cost per person goes down (assuming two tickets are available at that lower price) because the ?11 is only added once per booking. For those who do not collect Nectar it is worth pointing out that although a point is worth 0.5% most mainstream outlets will give you two points per ?, so effectively 1%. For me, apart from redeeming a few points as and when, there’s nothing of interest at all-other than dumping residue MR points if needs be(as Rob has pointed out). If only you could get similar bonus points as Tesco Club Card or Avios, then it would maybe be worth collecting. Do you live in the USA and love dining out at restaurants?  Then this promo from United Mileage Plus is exactly what you are looking for! Good news!  Now anyone can get this deal and with the Aussie dollar so low, its the perfect time for Americans to come Down Under!
Remember all those fantastic Australian birds I showed you last year?  Well if you need an extra incentive to plan a trip Down Under and are either a United Explorer Visa holder or have Premier status then you can save 20-25% miles for economy award tickets! Sri Lanka has some of the best birding in the world, see my reports on Kithulgala and Sinharaja.  So what can we do to get there at a more reasonable rate?
If you want to go to Sri Lanka on American Airlines miles, book it before 22 March 2016!!  Otherwise, I think it’s time to get better acquainted with Air Asia!

I last made my recommendations of which airline miles programs to join back in 2012 so with all the changes I think it’s time for an update!  Which programs are still good?  Which ones no longer exist?  Which ones are less valuable than before?  How can Australians and Americans get free miles from credit cards?  Read on! I attribute greater value to programs which require minimal outlay of cash (no fuel surcharges) and better opportunities to get miles from everyday credit card spend and sign up bonuses.
These recommendations are for eco-tourists so I haven’t considered luxury travel to Europe and Asia redemptions. I am not a credit blogger so please use other resources to find the best deals on sign up bonuses. Americans get miles from Citibank co-branded cards and the grandfathered Barclays Aviator cards (not available to new applicants).  You can also transfer points from SPG best done in blocks of 20k to get 5k bonus.
Australians get miles by transferring preferably blocks of 40k Amex MR points to get 20k SPG, then blocks of 20k SPG to get 5k bonus.
Americans get miles easily via Chase’s Ultimate Rewards cards and co-branded United Explorer card. Australians have a much harder time getting miles as the SPG route is a poor value at 20k SPG gets 10k United plus bonus of 2500.  Most Aussies will find Singapore a better Star Alliance partner. Australians get miles from American Express Membership Rewards 1000:1000 and transferable rewards programs from Westpac and ANZ. Americans get miles from Chase’s Ultimate Rewards cards and co-branded British Airways card. Good for short-haul to New Zealand and Pacific islands, domestic Australia flights and sometimes long haul to USA and Asia.  Participates in E-Rewards. Americans get miles from transfering SPG points best done in blocks of 20k to get 5k bonus.  You need an Aussie address to join. Americans get miles from Citibank Thank You cards.  You can also transfer points from SPG best done in blocks of 20k to get 5k bonus. Use for domestic Australia or short-haul to NZ, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.  Has fuel surcharges on most routes with the possible exception of LAN intra-South America.

Australians get points from co-branded Qantas cards, just about every bank in Australia has them.  Unfortunately the Woolies and Optus partnerships are gone so much harder to get points now outside of credit cards. It can get much worse – have a look at these flights over Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) which is ultra-peak season!  Award seats can go up to 22,000 each way! You can sometimes get lucky with close-in bookings.  Although surrounding dates have the high award rates, there is a window of opportunity on a few dates in September as shown by the red dots. However you manage to get to the Galapagos, rest assured it will be well worth it!  We are going next year and can’t wait! Although most frequent flyer programs group Mauritius with Africa to determine it’s zone, there are far fewer options because not many airlines fly there. This page on our sister site Shopper Points shows the best value Nectar redemptions – ie everything which gets you more than the standard 0.5p per point! Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, we are working with easyJet to rectify this issue.
Having just priced up some things on both, there is a ?11 lower price on the Nectar site until it adds the fee at which point they match exactly. Book by January 28, 2016, and travel between February 2, 2016, and June 22, 2016, to take advantage of the discounted rates. A mirror image round trip example is: Bellingham - Juneau - Bellingham (ports are the same both directions).

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