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The Nice Guys opens with a shot of the Hollywood sign, from the back, in the dark, the giant letters dilapidated. It's the funky Los Angeles of 1977, in which a couple of stumblebums - a freelance enforcer by the name of Jackson Healy and a single dad and unlicensed private detective, Holland March - meet up and knock around in pursuit of a missing girl, and maybe a bigger caper, a conspiracy involving a porn king, the mob, who knows what else. Healy and March are played, respectively, by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, and the actors have an instant, jostling, riffing rapport. If there's a straight man, it's Crowe, but he's pretty funny in a deadpan, brute-force kind of way, while Gosling displays a surprising knack for slapstick. Like Shane Black's directing debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Robert Downey, Jr., his The Nice Guys borrows from noir traditions and pulp fiction, throwing a fresh coat of smart-alecky comedy over the whole thing.
Cowritten with Anthony Bagarozzi, The Nice Guys finds ways to keep its running gags running along (about Nixon, about killer bees, about a porn flick called How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy?). Additionally comments that are long, have multiple paragraph breaks, include code, or include hyperlinks may not be posted. I’ve always thought it’s a good idea to encourage the kids to lead the way when you’re out exploring but in this case, Billy isn’t a child—he’s an energetic dog. We’re on a shore excursion in Tuscany off the Carnival Vista cruise ship, which is sailing the Mediterranean this summer. She obliged, taking us to wine tastings at two small family wineries here – Cupelli Spumante and Agrisole wines, both  family run in the medieval city of San Miniato.
Manfredi, who also guides travelers in popular Cinque Terre, arranging cultural and food tours, explained that many cruise passengers don’t realize they can organize a private all-day tour for four or six of them for less than what a ship’s excursion would cost where they are in a group of 50 people all day. But today is extra special, watching Billy have so much fun and the Cucchiaras introduce us to their passion. A good day for black truffles would be finding two dozen weighing 2 pounds that might fetch $700.
Earlier in the day, we were learning how to pair wines made by the Caputo family with local foods—cheeses, salami, meat sauce.
The Caputos are as passionate about their wines as are the truffle hunters and the Perticis about their sparkling wine.
After we’re done hunting for truffles in the woods, Massimo takes us to his grandfather’s home nearby that today serves as headquarters for the Truffle academy and where Letizia is waiting in the kitchen and the family’s other truffle hunting dogs are noisily playing in a pen outside.

We sample a soup with shaved truffle on top, an egg dish and even white chocolate with truffle.
It’s amazing that something so ugly—when truffles come out of the ground, covered in soil, they really look like big rocks–can taste so sublime. Taking the Kids publishes two e-newsletters per month, filled with information and advice for families traveling with children as well as tips on destinations and special travel offers from sponsors.
JACK ALLEN: i ENJOYED YOUR ARTICLE I LIVED AT GRANT HEIGHTS 1948-1951 I AGREE WE WENT TO SCHOOL WATCHED THE SERIALS AND SHOWS AT THE THEATER. Watch him try to protect himself - and what little dignity he has left - in a men's room stall. And like Black's earlier screenwriting efforts, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2, in The Nice Guys, the momentum comes not simply by way of screeching cars and ricocheting gunplay (although there's plenty of that), but from the banter and bickering between the two leads.
She is Holly, March's precocious daughter, and she joins her dad and his new partner as they go private eyeing around town, to swinging soirees and to confrontations with a trigger-happy heavy named John Boy (Matt Bomer - and yes, there are Waltons jokes).
She is played by Kim Basinger, who drove off into the midday sun with Crowe at the end of L.A. Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated. We reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable. He’s an experienced truffle hunter trained since he was a pup to find the coveted black and white truffles in the forests that surrounds the Tuscany town of San Miniato, which we learn is the Truffle capital of Italy.
We’re with experienced truffle hunters Salvatore Cucchiara, a retired policeman, and his son Massimo, who by day is an accountant. What people don’t know is the black truffle can be found here in the forest under the ground in spring and summer.
We’ve found our way here with Martina Manfredi, a licensed tour guide we have connected with through Tours by Locals, a worldwide company that connects travelers like us with local guides like Martina.
We have met wonderful guides like Manfredi and have had memorable experiences with Tours by Locals around the world. The same amount of white truffles would fetch three or four times that much, depending on how scarce they are.

Letizia shows us how truffles are kept (up to a month in the fridge in a sealed container). In fact, it was here on an October day in 1954, that the largest truffle ever was found—more than 5.5 pounds by Arturo Gallerini and his dog Parigi. Along with Massimo’s sister Letizia, they run the Tuscan Truffle Academy to introduce  tourists to  their passion, handed down from generation to generation. From the port of Livorno, many of the passengers from the Carnival Vista, Carnival’s new and largest ship, have headed to Florence, over an hour away, to Pisa and Lucca. Concetta Caputo explains that she and her husband purchased the land because they wanted a weekend home for their family and friends.
They are carefully washed so as not to bruise them, dried with paper towels and they should never be cooked—that destroys the taste and the smell. We reserve the right to permanently block any user who violates these terms and conditions.
There is a statue of them here; the truffle was sent as a gift to President Dwight Eisenhower. When he stops, wagging his  tail, we know he’s found one, which Salvatore carefully digs up with a special tool.
It is so pungent and flavorful that you need just a bit shaved on a dish like eggs or pasta.
It was also here, we learn, that Michelangelo met with the Pope at the time and received the commission to paint the Sistine Chapel. Their two sons, Fabio, 30, and Frederico, 26, got involved and now the business continues to grow. And in markets, it is easy to be fooled by those that have been doctored by a chemical spray.

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