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Your eyebrows are one of the first things we notice, besides that amazing smile, of course. To help your brows look their best and reflect your personality, we asked Jennings for a guide to men's eyebrow grooming. Tip: Take a white tissue, pull the tube off the brow set gel and apply the product onto the brush wand that's attached.
A light moisturizer, tinted moisturizer or face powder also helps to reduce redness and calm skin post-eyebrow grooming. You don’t have to dress up nice and be all clean when you go see them, you don’t have to buy irrelevant gifts for them for irrelevant occasions, you don’t necessarily have to talk to them all day and night.
The good friend category will qualify a lot of your best friend criteria, but they’re just not there yet. They require acknowledgement and constant reminder of your affection towards them, it’s not unsaid.
Whether we're complaining about the wrinkles in your button-down shirt or the awkward fit of your shorts, we hope you interpret our "nagging" as caring. MAC Cosmetics' director of makeup artistry Romero Jennings said it best: "Brows are really personal. Seeing great brows like his can make a guy look like he has a great head of hair," said Jennings. Then simply brush it into your brows going upwards so that they look masculine and spiky at the same time.
I mean, I hope we do, like except loners and completely anti social people who’ve created a parallel world around them or some who are too self absorbed to look around, like they just have fans, no friends, not really. They’re the chill part of your life, the kind of relationship everyone needs, where you can actually breathe.

The most important thing is to ask a guy with really great brows for a reference on where to go, not a woman. When you go into the salon, Jennings recommends that men request to have their brows cleaned up a bit underneath. Of course you’ll talk to them a lot too and expect some understanding from them and spend time with them.
While your best friend is the person who’ll jump into the water to save you even if they don’t know how to swim and they don’t require a thank you in return; you being safe and sound is good enough for them. According to Jennings, traditional tweezing is best because it allows you to see progression. One way to immediately fix this is to apply a mattifying gel like MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone between the brows. They’ve seen the best of you and the worst of you, and yet they have never been able to get themselves to love you any less. He added, "Sometimes guys go in and get their brows waxed and there is this really clean, blocked off, square shape. Levels of excitement, levels of food craving, levels of liking etc, there are levels of friendship too.
Also they know how to cheer you up so they’ll probably bring home a box of your favourite cupcakes and watch you hog and sulk and cry and blurt it all out in an instant blissfully and then they’ll laugh at how shabby you look maybe.
Here we have, acquaintances, we have okay friends, we have good friends, very good friends and then best friends. These people understand you only partly and probably don’t approve of certain characteristics of you. They’re mandatorily supposed to accept you in all forms, in all shapes and sizes, with oily hair, not so acne free face, in your oversized tee shirt and weirdly printed pyjamas. They appreciate the person that you are and enjoy your company but then that’s it, the line’s drawn right there.

You know their room better than you know your own and you’re nearly made to feel like you have been adopted by their parents. It’s one person who has no blood relation with you so you don’t sometimes need to keep stuff from them that they’d find inappropriate, for example blocking relatives off social networking sites because they consider certain pictures of ours objectionable, and then again, you’re not romantically involved with them. You’ll still need to think before you say something to them, the amount of liberty just isn’t the same.
You will seek security only in the arms of this person, when there are family issues, relationship issues or other friend issues. You’ll probably be a nice saner version of yourself with them, but then that in my viewpoint really curbs a person doesn’t it?
And even if you meet them ten years hence, your equation will remain unchanged, despite all circumstances and differences. They’re your shoulder to cry on, your shopping companion, your dessert date partner and well everything else too.
They’re who you trust with your life, and with your death and they’re all the trouble worth keeping. They’re just slightly short of family since they don’t qualify the blood relation criteria; Rest is all the same. It’s the people you’ve chosen for yourself because you feel like they’re going to keep you happy and are going to accept you for who you are too. They’re going to stand by you during your hard times but well, you cannot expect them to go out of their way to help you out.

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