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To allow people to follow you, they must first send an invitation requesting to see your location, which must be accepted before your whereabouts will be shown on their map. From the target device, you will need to accept the request while signed-in with your child’s iCloud ID. Finally, to prevent your kids from changing these settings, you will need to enable restrictions. Find My Friend iPhone App lets you easily navigate your facebook friends using GPS and iPhone 3.0 Maps so that you don’t have to go around in circles. Its pretty helpful in those cases when you have to meet a friend at a new crowded place, when you go like “meet me at the park at 3” – Ultimately the timings mismatch – And there is either no network coverage over there or you are out of credit – it becomes a total mess. Well it’s quite a fatigue … and Find My Friend lets you easily navigate your behind-the-tree-friend using GPS and iPhone 3.0 Maps so that you don’t have to go around in circles.

Facebook integration: Lets you easily invite your friends to connect with you on Find My Friend. Map provided with the friend’s location: This will let you to see how far they are and you can even watch as they move.
Also the avatar is so big with no pin-point, how would you distinguish they are behind a tree?
Nowadays, the advancement of technology has really played an important role in the society.
The application will prompt you to create an iCloud account when you sign in, if you (or your kids) don’t already have one. This allows the GPS location of the device to be shared on a server, so it can be viewed on another iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Any friends who allow you to follow them will show as a purple dot on the application’s map. And even if you can talk to the friend, its very hard to locate, “I am right here in the front of the building with yellow shirt on”, yeah but behind a big tree that hid you :P.
A note on battery --We do our best to balance location accuracy with power efficiency and are constantly improving this.

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