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I picked up this ratchet a few months ago from a friend, but never could get it to work right. What usually happens with those old Protos is the reversing cam that pushes the pawl away from the gear wears down, and eventually the pawl doesn't completely release the gear.
I've fixed that issue in a pinch by soldering the cam to build it back up to at least get it working again.
The selector cam lobe might be worn down to far on that side, not allowing the non used paw to swing completly out of the way.
Here's a better pic, it looks like lever is going to far and it's going past the point on the cam.
Don't know if I'd try it with a modern ratchet though because the cam may be made of metal that will break apart instead of bend. The pin on the bottom of the left pawl is smaller than the right one causing it to move around and hang on the gear. I was wondering how old these ratchets are (what era?) and if you can get rebuild kits for them.
Those are very recent, I saw that when he first posted it and thought about it pretty hard, but I have a personal problem with warranting tools I didn't buy or use and break, not knowing how they were used, or abused.

I was thinking of painting my bike all white and powdercoating my rims and rearsets a different color.
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As you suspected and others have said, the cam isn't moving the idle pawl far enough from the gear. No rebuild kits for it so I had to take a ball pein and mash the cam till it was oversize, and file little bits off until it worked good.
Also, I used an 07 as the base because I have one large .psd that I use for my chops (I'm starting to anyways) so the blue isn't exact 08 blue. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

I was just playing around with it and I found that if I flipped both the springs around so the widest spring end was against the pawls instead of the ratchet body it worked just fine.
Kind of a pain to re- assemble, check diss-assemble, file and check again and again but I guess it was worth it. I don't quite know why it worked because the springs don't look like they fit as well flipped like that (they look like they would get caught in something or pop out of alignment somehow during use) but my ratchet is still working fine a couple years later. They are very nice ratchets and well worth the price, plus I can't help but wonder if they are really broken, or just need to be cleaned and lubed. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

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